Exceptional penthouse in London

This unique penthouse in London rightly bears the title of one of the most outstanding and significant projects in the city over the past few years. Built on two levels, this apartment boasts a glass walls and a large open space, the best modern furniture and appliances, a terrace and even a separate Elevator. Not to mention the unique views of Holland Park and West London. Not so long ago penthouse was still for sale, but some time ago it was bought by an unnamed buyer for almost 8 million pounds.

Palmer Weiss Interior Design

The decoration and architecture of the designer Palmer Weiss in the blood. Since her parents were real estate agents, a large part of her childhood she spent traveling to all kinds of houses and apartments. Despite this, after studying Palmer worked in the investment sector and in retail sales (as she now recalls, it helped her in the future to properly manage their company), while in 2002 finally realized his calling in interior design. Now see pictures of her beautiful portfolio.

Polly Eltes – her beautiful interior design pictures

Interesting, but Polly Eltes began her career as a photo model, posing before the camera for not last companies, including Italian Vogue. But somehow during the next shot she took the camera in the dressing room and began to capture the brightest moments of their work. So there was her love for pictures that successfully take and still. Today we have a beautiful interior pictures of her portfolio.

Modern apartment decoration in Barcelona

This stunning residence in a modern style in Barcelona fascinated at first sight. Studio Susanna Cots, who worked on the project in all its beauty introduced the popular Spanish minimalism, moreover, they did it in their own unique interpretation. Two main motive is clearly visible in all rooms – white and wooden elements, such as remarkable rough table in the kitchen and solid wood on the floor. Very stylish accommodation!

The English style in Brooklyn

Victoria, the Creator of the online store’s decor kids room White Rabbit, and her husband, editor of Esquire magazine, in 2003 moved with his family to new York. In Brooklyn them to look at this lovely townhouse, although he was unremarkable regular house in need of urgent repair. After several years of painstaking work, the family has created here is a great option, modern accommodation with an English motives.

To live on the water: apartment in yacht

Looking at this interior is not immediately possible to guess that this is not a house and not an apartment. This yacht. “Well, to live like that water can only real unpretentious enthusiasts who are not afraid of extreme!” you would say. And here and there. This boat is not just a place of recreation for the whole family. It is a full house with all the necessary conditions. The owners saw this extraordinary decision alternative apartment in the city centre. And do not regret it!

Unique interior design

Designer Eva Martinez has created a unique project, which combined the traditional Spanish wooden elements and modern furniture and design. It was a real masterpiece, without exaggeration. Especially look beautiful black kitchen fronts against the wall. And we really liked imitation walls with paintings on the veranda. I hope that you too will appreciate this unique interior.

Small-sized apartment design: 53 square meters

We decided to be more practical and make a post about small-sized apartment. On the first pictures you can not believe that the area of the premises only 53m2, it seems that the bathroom is quite large. And it’s all great layout. Here fit and a nice bedroom, and a kitchen with a dining table, and the original bathroom, and a stylish living room. Very good solution with mobile wall. Here’s how to solve impossible at first glance, the task!