Apartments on the beach in Rio: 11 photos

This bright apartment is located next to the famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, and dwells here modern family with three children. It is the location and played a major role in the choice of design for living room: colorful elements on a white background are called to give a good mood and to constantly remind you that you are in the resort. Bedrooms are realized in a more delicate and restrained shades, for a more relaxing holiday. Excellent holiday apartment!

Loft converted into duplex apartment: 14 photos

Finally, the long-awaited addition to the section “Our”! This time we prepared the pictures of wonderful duplex apartment in a converted loft of the old German houses. The house is located in Kaliningrad, Russia. The interior is fairly simple at first glance, but very qualitative and careful attention to detail. Special thanks for the great pictures.

Elegant apartment in Chicago

These beautiful, modern apartments are located on the top floor of one of the tall buildings Chicago, so the view is simply stunning. Design Studio James Thomas has developed a very elegant and relaxing interiors in soft neutral palette, which was to become the perfect backdrop for enjoying the scenery of the town and the nearby lake through the huge Windows. One of the main pieces of the interior became the art collection, which belongs to the owners and which harmonize with the interior. Very elegant and stylish!

The refined interior in California

The decor of this house designer Mary McDonald States that skillfully using soft cream palette and grayscale, even pale color will stand out. These colors are selected in contrast to the abundance of lush greenery outside. In monochrome living room and the bedroom, texture is a key focus. Also the house has an interesting place, we can say secluded “lair” – the small cosy room with fireplace and library. The inspiration for the designer has become a Persian carpet masters, and dark blue color emphasizes graphic entire room, and the items on the shelves. Pleasant viewing!

Beautiful interior without big efforts

Designers of this modern apartments in Sweden received from customers rather complicated task of repairing dwelling, which 30 years did not know aything about renovation, having limited budget. To say that the designers have coped with the task with enthusiasm is to say nothing: the interior is filled with a nice brown-beige shades and plenty of functional solutions (such as workplace in living room). Very refined and stylish!

Sweet one bedroom apartment design-16 photos

This lovely and bright apartment in Sweden demonstrates how you can put virtually everything necessary for life in a relatively small space. It is very beautiful place. The key role that housing looks spacious despite its 35 square meters, have played high ceilings, allowing fitted with a bed on the second level. I liked the area with hangers for things between the front door and the kitchen. And so everything is very simple but intelligent and cozy.

Men’s loft in Canada

The strict style, rough materials and purely masculine notes – this loft in Canada created simply to stay lonely men. The combination of black elements and wood looks just gorgeous, in particular liked the fireplace, covered with wooden panels and divides the living room and dining area. And let kitchen seems incredibly large as bachelor, designed, it’s great. I would definitely lived!

Creative apartment in Paris

This extraordinary apartment in Paris is not enough, that is located near the Louvre Museum, and boasts a very interesting color scheme. The designers managed in each room create a rather unusual, but this is a pleasant combination of rare colors and shades. The interior is full of stylish designer decoration and furniture. Excellent work Studio 2G!

Small colourful apartment design

Who said that small space should be white? This bright apartment in Brazil shows the opposite. Even better, if saturated colors will be complemented by natural daylight! Here, in my opinion, everything is very organically combined, and despite the cold shades, the interior is cozy and interesting. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments, but do not overdo it!