Apartment Design in Chicago for a Young Ledy


In this bright and spacious enough of the Chicago apartment lives a young girl. Interior design is her hobby. Home owner was able to create a comfortable and easy atmosphere at a professional level .

The main style of the rooms – eclecticism. In such an interior design  you can feel a lot of light, air and comfort. These things include colorful paintings, photos, collages, decor items which are decorated in abundance shelves.

Vintage items , which were placed on the shelf of a metal mesh serve as reminders of the past. Just some functional household items made ​​in vintage style.

Imitation fireplace in the harmony with the overall situation and fits perfectly into the design. Everything is designed for work and leisure time. Due to the large amount of daylight workplace mistress turned a light, delicate and feminine.

Apartment space is not cluttered with unnecessary furniture. Single color palette accompanies the entire apartment interior design in Chicago. White, black and gray colors are combined in optimal proportions . Dilutes monotone palette of gold impregnation . Incredibly impressive and looks nice wall mirror , made in the form of the sun .

Accurate, bright kitchen has all the necessary furniture and equipped with modern appliances.



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