Cool loft design in Finland

This marvelous and bright in all respects loft is located in Turku, Finland. White walls and ceilings form a single space, and glossy floor further expands the space. In this house there is no kitchen in its classical sense: there is no second tier racks, drawing and endless hooks for various utensils. The kitchen is fully made a living room – minimalism and simplicity; but the designers did a great play with colors bright kitchen accessories excellent support colorful bookcase. The idea that you ought to take note of:bookcase with books, arranged according to the color, luster of messages. Designers amazing job with natural light from the chandelier ball in the living room and lampshades-spotlights not just light sources and objects, on which rests the whole interior. Of course, it is necessary to tell separately about the sauna is a traditional component of almost every Finnish house. Like everything in this house, sauna performed very stylish – elegant blond wood, light white heat-resistant stones. Stylish, modern and ideologically!