Gold as stylish element in the interior design

Gold as stylish element in the interior-5Throughout the history the Golden color in the interior was an indicator of wealth and luxury. They decorated Royal palaces, mansions, estates, houses of rich people. But lately, in the era of sophisticated contrasts gold details help accents and contemporary, minimalist interiors. Golden shades can add light to a space and one of the most simple and unobtrusive way to do this is to decorate the interior of the Golden candlesticks, chandeliers, furniture with gold handles, with Golden accessories.

When creating a lamp Etch, designer Tom Dixon was inspired by the paradoxes of mathematics. In the end, the lamp consists of several metal plates asymmetric form, the light from it generates many intricate shadows, and the Golden dome gives expression, focusing on attention.
Glamorous, elegant and very stylish will be a combination of black and gold shades. Many of modern designers often resort to such color mix. For example, lamps, Bed Gun – masterpiece creation Philippe Starck. The basis of lamps made in a shape of a pistol Beretta. Cast aluminum base is covered with gold-plated finish, lampshade – plasticized paper matte black finish inner side of the screen.
Using gold colors to create bright, noble accents, you can give not only aristocratic interior, but at the same time to create an atmosphere of real celebration.



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