Men’s stylish interior in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mens stylish interior in Sao Paulo-4In the interior there is no Wallpaper with flowers and pastel colors before us stylish modern housing Brazilian men. The interior is bright, as if screaming: pay attention to me! On the small territory formed a whirlpool of styles and design ideas: the loft style, hi-tech, classics, urban, and even natural. The layout is simple: straight lines, frame ceilings; floor – black wall in the living room is adjacent to the chair of the Victorian era, chandeliers and elegant glass table, where we can see the flowers and magnifier. Bar built from the fuel barrels a working place is decorated with ancient typewriter and stylized horse’s head. Bathroom – a triumph of style and glamour: bronze walls, black units, the Golden mirror and a portrait of Marilyn Monroe. All rooms are decorated shocking paintings, photographs and sculptures by contemporary artists. If our apartments are truly reflect our essence, it is safe to say that young man, the owner of the apartment, not shy, likes to shock and keeps pace with the time.



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