Modern apartment in the historical center of Kiev, Ukraine

Modern apartment in the historical center of Kiev-5The young designer Rina Deftly recently presented a wonderful project, modern apartments in one of the new buildings of the historic city. The interior eclectic – in a simple, minimalist shape hints do not appear on the classics, but rather on the history of the apartment. Almost all the furniture for the project produced individually, in addition, there was used a lot of hand-made, designers often experimented. It should be noted that the interior stands out – there is almost no familiar familiar things and techniques, with the exception of some well-known lamps and chairs.

In the design used natural materials and furniture, the colors of decor and obivok bright. French Christmas tree on the floor are made by individual size – it is more than a meter long, color is also exclusive. The Central part of the apartment was large living room with dining area, in addition there is a large niche with lockers and shelves, and sitting area.
In children, near the window there is a plank bed for child play is very comfortable and fun place – apart, gently and high, is where to put the toys. Just two niches were used for shelves and a toy box, on the one hand, and on the other built-in lightbox, rolling on the ceiling. Children turned bright due yellow Cabinet and the Wallpaper with the image of mountain machines.



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