Orange tones in apartment decoration

Designer Kay Douglass as a basis in this light house in Atlanta took neutral pastel palette. Against this background, bright orange part in all the rooms look very fresh, creating a feeling of eternal summer and heat. Besides, this is the favorite color of the designer – color, which, in his opinion, brings joy and life. It is difficult not to agree, especially looking at this wonderful interior.

French Eclectic Interior Ideas

French contemporary interiors resemble the image of a young French girl. They have a special charm, originality and versatility. In such interiors creates a sense of light attitude to life, positive and somewhat reckless. When getting acquainted with the interior of this house is striking creative mix of styles and eras, very cool perceived stylistic variety of areas. There is and furniture from well-known designers and unique findings from flea markets. All rooms are your personal and suitable for people of different generations with different interests. Excellent!

Comfortable apartment design in cave

Israeli designers of the Studio Pitsu Kedem today our guests with an incredible apartment in the city of Tel Aviv, from a balcony that offers a super view. All the walls here are made of stone, and the furniture and decoration – on minimum, creates a unique sense of some cozy cave. Offer to take a virtual walk through the rooms of this extraordinary accommodations.

Apartments design in New York

This is modern accommodation in the heart of New York city for a young family of 4 members. Plenty of space, a minimum of parts, hidden in the most unexpected places furniture (dining table)finally residential areas in several levels within the same premises are in the interior and looks interesting. The area of this same residence – 223 sq. m, and the repairs were done by Studio Pulltab Design. Look at this below!

Emily Johnston Anderson – a photographer in New York

Emily Johnston Anderson worked as a photographer in new York, where she lives with her husband and the dog. That’s all that has been learned about her biography from the official page. However, the list of its clients already very large, indicating the high quality of its work. Really liked how it works with natural light, trying to emphasize the penumbra, and the weak light in the interior and use them to the benefit of pictures. Today we have a range of its portfolio.

Hallie Burton – american interior design photographer

“The more you take photos, the better the interiors trust you” is fully applicable to the portfolio of the American photographer Hallie Burton. Her talent was appreciated by such design gurus like Martha Stewart, Living etc, Vogue living (which later became the its customers), since in her pictures are so wonderful variety of areas. Pleasant viewing!

Studio apartment in Leipzig

Teresa is a student from Leipzig is a very creative and talented individual. She is studying media technology at the University, has started a blog about fashion and design and has its own unique, established style. But having huge reserves of creative ideas and only one room in the apartment, falls on the first place to put practicality. What did our today’s heroine, combining space and making one room-Studio, which according to its functions and design is perfect for a young girl student.