Photos of different apartments decorated to inspire you

First apartment is a typical American apartment, with typical decorating ideas and interior design. Combined rooms – dining room, living room and kitchen – expand the space in the small spaces. Waiver of partitions not only increases the useful area, but allows filling the room with additional light.

As for the decorating elements, we can consider it is designed with youth style. There are no extra parts and unnecessary items, all succinctly as possible. The walls are decorated with posters with portraits, America’s photos. The bedroom has a lot of pictures, framed in massive frames, household and close friends, and it makes the atmosphere of this intimate room cozier. High soft bed occupies an important space in the bedroom.

Neutral calm colors – a combination of a light beige and white in perfect harmony with each other. The walls are covered with paint, laminate flooring is laid, which matches the color tone of the walls. Wooden furniture tells us about practicality and ergonomics of its owners.
This interior home decor of New York apartment fits the definition of a classic one. Windows are decorated using textile curtains, colors that blend with the overall color scheme. Penetration of sunlight is preserved by bamboo blinds, which if necessary can be omitted, or fold.

The next is decorating idea of an apartment in Manhetten, NY:

And the last apratment decorating idea we want to present you in this post is about sweet apartment in Stockholm, Sweden:



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