Styles Mix: Scandinavian laconism and Oriental chic

Mix Scandinavian laconism and Oriental chic-1The design of this apartment in Sweden (125 sqm) is an example of how in the interior it is possible to connect two or more styles. On the one hand, in this room dominated by Scandinavian style: a lot of white, natural wood, laconic and modest performance cuisine. However, looking closely, you might notice gilded chandeliers, lamps and mirrors with incredible decor is natural. Looking in the bedroom, we find ourselves in Eastern tale with an abundance of bronze, silk and velvet, to the Eastern style is and sitting area to the living room is bright cushions of various fabrics reminiscent of a cozy corner in the Palace of the Sheikh. “Zebra” the wall in the bathtub and wicker baskets and whimsical sculptures around the house – it is a tribute to ethnic style. At the same time, children’s rooms are decorated in soothing colours and gravitate more to the classics and such a friend for us Scandinavian style. Designers here have tried their best, it seems that no matter how you look at the design of this apartment, you will always find something new and inspiring, yet remarkably concise and elegant. Great!



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