Tiny apartment in Sweden

Tiny apartment in Sweden-8

Perhaps, this is the cosy and elegant tiny apartment design you have ever seen. This apartment with an area of 22 sq.m. is located in Sweden. It is remarkable how much we managed to place designers on this small space. Albeit in miniature, but it has everything – kitchen, dining room, living room with TV and sofa, bathroom and bedroom ceiling. By the way, “hanging” the bed is the perfect solution for those who value every inch of living space, the main thing is that the ceiling height is allowed. Stucco on the walls, huge Windows, unusual heating radiator and vintage chairs and chandeliers give this apartment charm and individuality, which are uncommon for small apartments. Shelves in the kitchen, placed in three rows – this could be a lifesaver for those who need to place many things in the minimum of space. This apartment is a vivid example of the fact that even a small apartment can be transformed into a cozy nest, where everything is near at hand and at their places.



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