New ideas on traditional terrace garden design

terrace-garden-design-thumbnailWhat is a terrace ? Typically, this is the architectural component of a private home, which is the connecting part between the house and garden, street. Often it is not glazed and heated space, which is a fenced (and sometimes not) patio.

Widespread outdoor terrace is a continuation of the entrance to the house , but there are also those that are raised to the level of the second floor or even on the roof. For greater convenience terrace equipped with tents, awnings or sunshades, although variations are sometimes caught with a stationary canopy or roof.

The best place for the terrace is south (or south-east , south-west ) side of the house. This allows our, not a tropical climate, catch and early spring and late autumn sun, as well as comfortably carry on the terrace summer days.

The most important rule to be followed in the construction of terraces, it is proportionate to the total area of ​​the house, as well as stylistic unity with the exterior of the building.

That is why the design of the summer terrace often made ​​in one spirit with the appearance of the house. Based on this fact, cozy wooden country house can choose interior terrace in Provence style or vintage , and for a modern cottage style hi tech – Japanese ascetic style , modern classics and minimalism .
But the most widely scenic, creepers entwined pergola. They obscure the terrace and gently separate it from the garden plot , as part of the overall garden composition

In general, underestimate the role played by plants for terraces is very difficult. Because it combines the terrace garden and house into a coherent whole, which means that in addition to the elements of comfort, this must be present elements of the plant world. Many terraces , and porches have a fence beautifully manicured perennial shrubs – green fences.

Some boast flower beds of roses, which give all sitting on the terrace of its delicious flavor. No less relevant and flowers growing in pots for the terrace, giving it a truly picturesque view.



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