Fun bedroom bedding sets: 19 ideas

Famous American youth magazine Teen Vogue recently issued its colorful collection of bed linen. Some things have turned out very bold and colorful, but the overall view photos rises mood and a smile appears on her face. This bedding is certainly not for those who are accustomed to plain neutral colors in the interior and afraid to experiment with colors. What you need to spring mood!

Summer bedroom

Only two bright colors and the bedroom looks fantastic! In the interior, perhaps, never want to be sad, but just to smile and enjoy life. Beautiful decor with a nautical theme, only adds to the summer mood, and reminds the holiday season. More such positive interiors!

A small but bold bedroom

The color scheme in this small bedroom from American designer Jennifer Huett is one of the most daring and interesting that we ever met. This confuses bright shades of turquoise and purple with white furniture and grey walls. You can also mirror in a black frame and the light next to him – they are beautiful! Of course, such a design will appeal not everything, but a creative approach to the design of the bedroom definitely the place to be.

Bedroom with the sea view

What could be better than when you have a work area with sea views? Only if you have a bedroom with a sea view! And another living room with sea view and a huge balcony…overlooking the sea… what a kitchen! This now stunning, the house was once part of the plant. Designers benefited from the enormous height of the walls and designed the second floor, which houses two more bedrooms and an office. In General, there is a very good, in our view, layout: well-separated zones to work, to sleep, to receive guests. Of course, not the last role in the overall style and image of the room played a chic look! Not a house, and a dream!

Soft bedroom design with waterfront view

In the interiors of Catherine Lashmanova we fell in love from the first moment of our acquaintance with her work. Noble restrained colours pleasant shades, elegant stylish furniture, refined details that make it the living space these little masterpieces. Today we charming bedroom in one of the apartments in the center of big city, whose windows offer a beautiful waterfront view. Beauty!

Gentle and intelligent bedroom

In this incredibly pleasant bedroom combined only two colors, white and gold. But aesthetic component is not the only advantage of this wonderful interior. Decorators Swedish magazine Skona Hem offered here are a few simple but very practical ideas for storage the things of the hosts. Pleasant inspirations!

A bedroom combined with a bath

In our days the combination of bedroom and bathroom in one space is quite popular and interesting solution. Thus you can improve the movement of natural light in both zones, to give a sense of freedom and visually increase bedroom interior. In this case, the bath is located directly behind the headboard and separated from it only by a small partition, toilet same for convenience closed opaque glass partition. Great interior!

Beautiful combination of colors in the bedroom

About the designer Irine, but rather about her wonderful project apartments in dark colors we have already talked this week. The project was very organic and stylish, so it was interesting to see how Irine successfully realise more bright and colorful interiors. It should be noted that this is a really talented artist, and in the proof I want to show pictures of a very nice bedroom, also designed by this designer. I liked the colors and unusual, light and so pleasing to the eye!

Interior splendour in the works of Alice Black Interiors: 32 photos inside

The interiors wonderful Studio Alice Black Interiors are attracted by its simplicity and soft, with a soft colours and elegant furniture. In his works, the designers are not reinventing the wheel, do not create innovative solutions, but only the most harmoniously combine all the familiar aspects of home design. Alice Black in his time had long trained in the most successful designers of new York before you open your company. This experience together with great love to the design shown in childhood, help the designer to show their talent to this day. Look!

Lovely interiors from the photographer Romain Richard

Romain Ricard is not only a very talented photographer and master of his craft. First of all, he was born in France – a country where the interior design is the pride of the nation and whose style popular far beyond its borders. Therefore, in his works can be found lots of great examples of modern French design skillfully captured and presented in the incredibly beautiful light. In my opinion, that’s fine!