Works by great Green Couch Studio from California

Studio with a funny name Green Couch is a group of talented and creative minds from San Francisco, the design of which is traditional enough to be above any trends, and bold enough to provide fresh eclectic atmosphere in their interiors. Guided by the couple designers Tray and Jeff Schlarb, the company began its activity in 2002, but the real fame and recognition earned in 2011 after participating in a television interior shows and publications in leading journals. Residential space, Green Couch is always light and comfortable, pleasant neutral colours and plenty of natural light. Great!

23 colourful bedroom design ideas and pictures

What should be the bedroom everyone decides for himself, because this is the place, where we spend at least the third part of our life. Today, we want to draw some inspiration in our collection colorful and bright bedrooms, which we found a wonderful site BH&g To create a really juicy and “joyful” interiors of the course is all bed linen, colour of the walls, carpets, tables and much more. Pleasant viewing!

Beautiful bedroom designed in the attic of the house

Perhaps this is one of the most beautiful bedrooms in the attic, which had ever seen. First of all impress saturated purple shades, and atmospheric lighting, beautiful textiles and good details complete the magnificent picture, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. In the bedroom I want to spend the evening in good company. Incredibly comfortable!

Splendid bedroom with turquoise details

In this beautiful bedroom in Spain turquoise details rule. The interior and without that inspires high ceilings and many Windows give the feeling of air and freedom, and allow for a happy owner pleasant to swim in the sun in the daytime. Textiles and decor celadon fit in this room almost perfectly, adding colors and freshness. Inspiring!

Turquoise bedroom ideas with creative headboard

And, indeed, it might be a good idea to use the headboard under wardrobe with shelves for things! In conditions of limited space and budget, this decision will be a great help for new owners who are committed to stylish functionality of their housing. In addition, you can realize this idea using your own hands. Wonderful turquoise bedroom !

Turquoise bedroom with creative headboard-3 Turquoise bedroom with creative headboard-1 Turquoise bedroom with creative headboard-2

English bedrooms from Laura Ashley

English bedrooms Laura Ashley-25In the bedroom there are no minor details in this part of the house each element is important: both furniture and mattresses, and bed linen. In the collections of incomparable Laura Ashley, you can find everything you need for a comfortable and beautiful holiday. Moreover, there is an opportunity of a choice of models, and order the necessary goods on his own sketches.
The bed can be created individually for themselves: to choose the shape of the back, it upholstery, base with drawers or without dimensions, the mattress. It is also possible to purchase a ready-made model of the necessary size in the same series as all bedroom furniture, for example, a series of Clifton. Popular forged beds – they combine the ease and convenience.
Mattresses Laura Ashley more than orthopedic, they are comfortable and convenient as all English, and even more. Mattress Series Beaumont, for example, has a height of 30 cm and 1400 springs per 1 m2 filled with wool and silk manually, very soft and suitable for recreation. On duvets and pillows are provided with 10 year guarantee.
Designer linens made of natural cotton is extremely comfortable. Each season Laura Ashley produces 3-5 new sets in the style of urgent interior collections Rose or Gosford, and continues to produce popular, such as Rose Couture.
Designer linens made of natural cotton is extremely comfortable. Each season Laura Ashley produces 3-5 new sets in the style of urgent interior collections Rose or Gosford, and continues to produce popular, such as Rose Couture.

Design of bathroom combined with bedroom

A bathroom, a combined bedroom-1This beautiful bathroom has the qualities that many would call it “private dream”. First, it is spacious: bath, shower, 2 basins, also open transition in the bright bedroom visually increases the interior. Secondly, it has a window, near the baths is so much more pleasant to do water treatment. And, of course, warm colors complemented ideal atmosphere for a complete relaxation. Great interior!

How to zone studio apartment into spaces

As from Studio apartments to do kopeck piece-5Due to very interesting solution Lithuanian designer Audrone Ambraziene was able to turn an old grandmother’s apartment with an area of 34 square meters in a very functional modern accommodation with separate bedroom. Almost all walls within the apartments were destroyed, resulting in one large and bright space living room and kitchen. The main feature of the object is disguised as a wardrobe in the bedroom, separated from the main room light mirrored partitions – though very small, but stylish and comfortable in design. Bravo!