Turquoise accents in interiors

Turquoise accents, spaced inside this small house in Denmark, give it a fresh and cheerful mood that is felt and also outside on the terrace. The area of the house is small, but the space used quite effectively. In our opinion, the interior is modest, low-budget, but a few well-chosen details, and make it such an unusual and memorable.

Black and white inspiration

For all visitors to our blog, the phrase “home inspiration” has its value. Someone inspired interiors, full of lovely homemade stuff, some like classical, some minimalism. All I can think, can agree – the lack of details, or a small number doesn’t set on the space stigma cold and uncomfortable housing. A perfect example is today’s interiors. The decor here is not much, but a lot of light. Besides, who would not like these huge Windows, or a combination of black facade and white inside the house.

Grey house with a smile

The owners of this house are big fans of antique furniture and patina. And although, at first glance, the house looks boring and monotonous, there can be infinite to consider every corner and every detail, like a salon decor. Most of all we liked the textile – beautiful quilted bedspreads, curtains, tablecloths and soft cushions on the chairs.

American Style Apartment in Moscow

To create American atmosphere in this Moscow apartment was not difficult, because the object is located in the new modern residential complex “11 Stanislavskogo”, which is built in accordance with the latest requirements to the quality of housing, European principle. Thanks to the open-plan layout designers could easily make a huge living room with a magnificent brick wall, which is also combined with a dining area and a kitchen. Bedrooms with bathrooms and wardrobe rooms are situated in a separate block, deep into the corridor. It should be noted that “American” is not only a living room, childrens room is also made in the appropriate style. The project was made for a young family with two small children and a third on the way), and the total area is about 200 sq.m

Beautiful combination of colors in the bedroom

About the designer Irine, but rather about her wonderful project apartments in dark colors we have already talked this week. The project was very organic and stylish, so it was interesting to see how Irine successfully realise more bright and colorful interiors. It should be noted that this is a really talented artist, and in the proof I want to show pictures of a very nice bedroom, also designed by this designer. I liked the colors and unusual, light and so pleasing to the eye!

White color in the house design in USA

It is symbolic that this is a wonderful house in Washington state, the interior is executed mostly in white, belongs to the family of doctors whose profession is perhaps most of all associated with this color. The house became the embodiment of their dreams to live in a comfortable and bright space with their children, after they long years worked hard to build his career. The interior of the house has turned out incredibly easy and even air, and some Antiques add their own flavour to this accommodation.

The interior is in shades of gray

All the shades of grey presents in the interior of this apartment in Sweden. Traditionally grey is cold and dark, but here the designer proves that grey can be warm and cozy! In the bedroom the headboard originally replaced by a collection of pillows, and all this is crowned with a series of paintings of different sizes. The entire interior of the apartment is made in one style, and it looks like this is one spacious room that is very good at the small area.

The interior is in grey in Paris

After a year of fruitless search for housing, Sophie and Michael finally found an apartment dream – unusual apartments at several levels, area of 135 square meters overlooking the Seine. As the main color in the interior of the new owners chose grey, which, in their opinion, is a very stylish basis for creating a light and modern design. To evaluate a fantasy, and the efforts of a young family we have the opportunity in our today’s small photo gallery.

The apartment is in shades of blue

This lovely two-bedroom apartment with an area of 70 square meters in Stockholm managed to achieve comfort of a country house and atmosphere grandmother’s country cottage. The premises is well-balanced in the same overall color scheme, where blue appears in a variety of shades. Apparently, the owners nourish passion for the sea and sea motives. Great idea for a fresh and light design of urban housing! It is a pity that the photo is not so much..