Chocolate interior design in Spain

Great color scheme chosen by the designers of this wonderful apartments in Spain. Brown walls look not just warm and comfortable, but also very original. Of course, natural light through large Windows make the interior more spectacular. Inspiring!

Burst of colors in London!

This extraordinary penthouse is part of the old building with the BBC in shepherd’s Bush. Developed in 1990-ies Jonathan and Francois Gerardina, penthouse has been updated new owner – he has combined color and fun design with the existing architectural details for a better effect. Color softened in a huge living room, where the texture is important, but the violence of paints brought in a small living room with a bright orange walls. There is something that unites in each combination of colors. Great job!

The black house in London

In the old district of London, where he filmed an episode of the famous film “love actually”, the house is very nice and like each other, most of them converted from the stables. Today the house is notable for unusual black exterior, making it quite modern. As for the interior, it attracts the attention of a great use of different colors and prints on the Wallpaper and textiles. Each room is decorated in its own style and color, can be traced and classic and modern style, and the combination of the house takes its own unique character. Overall, a very nice house!

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Stylish kitchen designed in black color

This modern kitchen with black facades and massive wooden table in the center, just amazing! It is impossible not to note how well the looks brick on one of the walls of the interior. Of course, dark shades simply not survive without large number of light – the kitchen from the courtyard separates wonderful sliding glass partition. Very stylish kitchen!

Stylish grey color in Norway

The interior of this wonderful apartments in the city center open very large, so each room is filled with light. Thanks to this, the owners could afford to use soft elegant shades of grey in the design of their housing. Modern glass fireplace in the middle of the living room looks very harmonious and is the main attribute of the family home in the apartment. Beauty!

White interior design in Madrid

The owners of this lovely home in Madrid always wanted to have a lot of light in your home, so not only is there a large number of huge Windows and white walls, furniture and wonderful curtains to the floor like that. Only textiles and fine details pastel colors slightly diluted with this white, at the same time without spoiling the total incredibly bright picture. The house in which I want to greet the morning!

Turquoise bedroom ideas with creative headboard

And, indeed, it might be a good idea to use the headboard under wardrobe with shelves for things! In conditions of limited space and budget, this decision will be a great help for new owners who are committed to stylish functionality of their housing. In addition, you can realize this idea using your own hands. Wonderful turquoise bedroom !

Turquoise bedroom with creative headboard-3 Turquoise bedroom with creative headboard-1 Turquoise bedroom with creative headboard-2

House designed in white color located by the ocean in Santa Barbara

The white house on the ocean -it’s a dream, which the designer Abigail Turin with her husband realized independently. The fact that they undertook the reconstruction of the very old abandoned house near Santa Barbara, which no one wanted to buy. Now, thanks including the remoteness of the place from the crowded settlement, the family doesn’t miss a single opportunity to fall in complete solitude in this truly Paradise. And we can understand them – a house is just incredible!

Snow white house in London

The white house in London-25Unfortunately, until now, because of the stereotypical perception, many people associate white with hospital and afraid white furniture, walls, floors in the interior. With the purpose to destroy cliches and shortcuts enjoy the interiors of the white house in London, through the great high Windows which flows sunlight, making a cosy and air. Lounge absolutely does not create the impression of “sterile” cold interior with exquisite furniture and textile accessories. Admire the colours! Subtle shades of powder used in pillows, profitable highlighted in the picture on the wall and a stunning carpet with butterfly. The interiors are decorated with interesting design techniques that you can employ. In each room there is something to hold on to your eyes, the skin of a Zebra, bright chairs, pop-art furniture and objects of art. Premises gradually merge into each other, wonderful bathroom will not leave anyone indifferent. Simple plastered walls on the contrast vintage mirrors and charming chandelier. I hope many will change their attitude to the white color. White is, in any case, not a hospital, an opportunity to reveal dignity, to fill the interior of the bright accents and air, to call the joy and delight!