French Eclectic Interior Ideas

French contemporary interiors resemble the image of a young French girl. They have a special charm, originality and versatility. In such interiors creates a sense of light attitude to life, positive and somewhat reckless. When getting acquainted with the interior of this house is striking creative mix of styles and eras, very cool perceived stylistic variety of areas. There is and furniture from well-known designers and unique findings from flea markets. All rooms are your personal and suitable for people of different generations with different interests. Excellent!

Copper and rose in Scandinavian design

It seems that the Scandinavians are tired of white interiors. Wonderful Broste Copenhagen has released a collection of accessories for a house in cool shades of pink and brown. Besides the different options cowberry-pink, Broste Copenhagen use in the collection of the cool shade of brown, which they call a “funghi” and metallic prints bronze and silver colors. Another cult lamp Nix from the House Doctor in the shape of a bullet now also available in a copper color. House doctor has produced not only copper lamps and accessories, but also furniture! For example, stools and bar stools Define.

The English style in Brooklyn

Victoria, the Creator of the online store’s decor kids room White Rabbit, and her husband, editor of Esquire magazine, in 2003 moved with his family to new York. In Brooklyn them to look at this lovely townhouse, although he was unremarkable regular house in need of urgent repair. After several years of painstaking work, the family has created here is a great option, modern accommodation with an English motives.

Elegant country decoration style

The country style is a very broad concept. In fact, if you look, you can say that it exists in almost every country, and everywhere he his. It’s the style of a village, a style that combines elements of folk art, and various ancient household items, and it’s all there in any country of the world. But often, if we are talking about a country style, the mean European or American country. Today the house, perhaps, from the category of such. But I would also added that he has some elegant. Probably because everything is so neat, without unnecessary details and with restraint.

Old-fashioned house in Norway

When a middle-aged couple from England bought this house in Norway built in 1880, they did not want to disturb the ancient atmosphere that prevailed in it. So after repairs there remained a lot of vintage clothing and modest by today’s standards, elements of decor. However, in my opinion, the interior is just only benefit from such a relationship.

Bohemian apartment in Atlanta

The hostess of these apartaments in Atlanta, stylist Thea Beasley, always felt a passion for historic interiors. A good example is this apartment is one of its projects. Almost every thing in it is the vintage, which makes this place special, unique, theatrical, a little fairy, a little sloppy, a little mysterious, but certainly attractive.

Loft in Madrid

The loft is probably the most versatile style. It combined all – plenty of light and open space, mix of modern and classic, old and new, different materials – steel, concrete and glass to soft tissues. So, I can experimentirovati. Here’s a great example of apartment-style loft in Madrid. By the way, notice the dark ceiling, quite unusual and safely.

Apartment Design in the style of the 60’s

Today we have again the British Agency, renting premises for filming, photo shoots, music videos and TNA this time ShootFactory. This is the house I liked your items in the style of the 60’s-bright furniture and accessories. Have more than once seen such a spectacular Wallpaper with picture books is a neat trick, if you want something to “occupy” wall).