English motifs in Spain

The owners of this house in Madrid after several years of residence in London was so in love with the English style,that has decided to make their homes in Spain in the best traditions of Albion. English classics especially clearly visible in the kitchen with her patterned Wallpaper, and other rooms not far behind. Simply, but tastefully.

Another Scandinavian miracle

A wonderful house! From the outside, like a fairy, and inside is a pleasant, spacious and stylish. And most importantly – simple but decorated with love. We especially liked lilac living room, airy kitchen, and of course all the famous hero of “Star wars” on the wall in the bathroom.:)

Provence style in Catalonia, Spain

At first glance it seems that this is another mill or the old fortress converted into modern housing. But it is not so. The owners of this farm house in Catalonia decided to build a house in accordance with the architectural traditions of the region, which in its style reminiscent of French Provence (which is not surprising due to the neighbouring regions of France). Of course, let’s not argue, the interior on the fan, but there is something very special and charming!

Stylish minimalism

In this little house in Sweden is all that is needed for any family kitchen, dining room, living room with fireplace, children, bathroom and bedroom of the parents. And there is a terrace and a summer kitchen. And all this in the beautiful forest and close to the sandy beaches. Especially liked the combination of colors in the parental bedroom.

English Christmas Interior Decorations

English interiors themselves are great, and the Christmas decoration especially good! Despite the lack of snow and greenery, this beautiful Georgian house in the South East of England prevails truly festive atmosphere. Winter decor here a little, in some rooms it is barely noticeable, but all thought, stylish and “in the theme”. Beautiful dwelling!

Pure English townhouse

This beautiful town house in south London soars English spirit. In each line, form, detail felt strict nature of this magnificent country. Only shades of deep interest in some rooms a little freshen the traditional features of the English style. Very elegant and stylish!

House in the West of France

In this small house in the Western part of France dwells designer Yann Falquerho. An area of 55 square meters, the house seemed to be sandwiched between two adjacent buildings and looks at the background of a dwarf. By the way, it is located 5 minutes from the sea, so it is not surprising that the designer with his family a few years ago moved here for permanent residence (before this they had come here on holidays only).

The apartment is with a male character

Designer Serge worked on the project remotely, from San Francisco and picking there, furniture for the small apartment with the area of 45 sq. meters. the Main emphasis in the living room was a photograph of a man – around which stood composition counter space. In the kitchen all the attention attracts ceramic tiles handmade American brand Heath Ceramics. As Designer, first of all, he worked on the form and space, color is secondary for him, because it be could easily changed. In the end, this stylish, cool interior is just as suitable for a young person – the owner of the apartment.

Moroccan motives in Paris

The owner of this house in the suburbs of Paris loves to travel, and one of his major passions, Morocco. Hence bright blue color in the heart of the interior. Here you will find many other interesting Eastern parts combined with the characteristic provensave and modern elements. In short, juicy and very comfortable house.