Summer in France: eco house

Young couple Pierre and Marie lifelong dream about ecological housing. And so when the chance came to buy a dilapidated stone house in the South of France, they didn’t hesitate a single minute. After initial repairs and remodeling, house got quite a nice view, and the owners have received that which sought – stylish and almost 100% eco-friendly housing. I must share.

House in the forest

The interior of this fabulous house in the forest looks very traditionally due to restrained monochrome colors and elements of the French style in the decor. Easy porch without superfluous noise, to enjoy the sunset, gradually turns into a cozy living room. Small Seating is not overloaded by massive furniture – all it light and air. The main character of the room – luxurious fireplace – plaque patina and stucco adds sophistication and refinement. The whole house is like breathing with freshness and coolness. The ideal place to rest from the fussy life and privacy!

A small wooden hut

Today we have a small wooden house in the US, it’s area is 60 sq. M. of Course, this is not a full house for permanent living (especially the owners, photographer and art Director of a major brand furniture), but for the “holiday house” is really good offer. The owners say that they feel like a cozy little cabin on the tree, situated somewhere in the fairy forest. Well, the design certainly good!

Imperfect comfort

Today we have a very unusual house in France. This former farm on cultivation of pheasants at the moment is a favorite holiday destination for Spanish designer Isabel López-Quesada. Very interesting looks pretty rough and wild places the living room, whose walls are made of slate. Bold and beautiful.

Chalet in harmony with nature

These pictures revive thoughts of the wonderful Sunny Saturday morning, somewhere in the mountains, about vacation and recharge for the head and body. And all because this beautiful Chalet is in complete harmony with nature: a nice modern design with the use of ecological materials, terraces for enjoying the views, large Windows and beautiful design. An incredibly beautiful place!

Eco-luxury Resort in Switzerland

In our time the tent of the hotel will surprise nobody. But what if the hotel called a huge luxury tent with king size bed, stylish decor, a fireplace, and all this 40 square meters! Add here and a fabulous view of lake Geneva (especially in winter), and receive a great eco-resort Whitepod that in the Swiss Alps. The complex consists of 15 comfortable rooms tents and one old Chalet – with places for meals and entertainment. Beautifully and eco-friendly!

Ecohouse in Denmark

The interior of this house in Denmark was inspired by South Africa, where the owner several times used to spend his holidays. It is not surprising that the house has all the conditions to being inside, to feel part and enjoy the surrounding nature. One of the key elements here of course is brick – architects abundantly used it as the interior design and facade of the building. Wonderful modern house!

The transparent residence – eco, natural house

Company BVN Architecture presented mansion Mann House, situated in New Zealand. Insanely beautiful landscape caused justifiable desire to live in an open space, so the basis of the project is the principle of simplicity, the main focus was on the beauty of nature. Keep it simple, keep it natural…

transaprent residence

Transparen_residence_2 Transparen_residence_3 Transparen_residence_4 Transparen_residence_5 Transparen_residence_6



Top Eco-Friendly Design Ideas to Build Your Dream House

The way of constructing a green home
The way of constructing a green home

Nowadays lots of people put lots of emphasis on green living and eco-friendly style, design and décor in our lives. It is quite popular to use eco friendly houses. All aspects of green homes are considered into exterior and interior design with an eco friendly green touch. That sort of building includes even construction, operation and maintenance in that way that doesn’t have a bad impact on environment.

Green buildings look quite sustainable, durable and comfortable. Most of people build up friendly green homes as a part of their belief they won’t ruin the environment. They used only those materials that are good for environment. Green design is really tempting in the aesthetics and compelling in their appearance and innovations to the natural world.

Lots of eco friendly homes use only green building materials such as bricks, glass, ceramics, cement. It is forbidden to use wood due to the point of illegal logging, that’s why it is possible to use mild steel for roof trusses, ceilings, walls and aluminum. You can use recycled tiles, glass and other materials. The usage of non-toxic materials really makes sense for building a green house.
One of the most significant features of green building is that have energy efficient design. All the houses are equipped with high-efficiency appliances, water heaters, heating and etc. Windows are adjusted with the size of walls and floors that get lots of light. Windows are made of aluminum frames that are free of toxins and of cancer causing substances. They are placed in that way to allow natural ventilation throughout the home.

Majority of green house building has open design layouts in order to cut down cost. They are focused on much light and ventilation. As for floors for your eco friendly house, you can use marble, ceramic, bamboo, wood or granite. But most of people use bamboo and laminated wood for their bedrooms. It is pretty popular to build green roofs that assist reduce energy consumption. They look attractive and cost-effective.

It is becoming more important to use alternative energy such as photovoltaic, solar and wind power systems. Solar and photovoltaic systems are usually established on a roof and wind systems have land specifications.

Before building a green house you should make sure you manage water runoff. It is important to catch rainwater running off the roof and direct it to gardens and lawns. You can use water barrels for your green building to avoid nutrients hit to around watersheds. You can use low-flow toilets that keep water and reduce your waste, at the same time grey-water systems can reuse water from showers and sinks in gardens and lawns.

Having a green homes design is the best way to take participation in world salvage. You can benefit for your health and for nature either. Designing your green house you can consider the amount of energy and resources that can be saved during construction. You will influence not only on environment, but on your children’s healthy future.