Sits – European brand of wonderful soft furniture

Wonderful company SITS engaged in creation of very stylish and functional soft furniture, the design of which you can feel the influence of the Scandinavian school. For 20 years SITS successfully designs of chairs, beds, sofas various forms, and other models of soft furniture. The combination of bold ideas, high-quality materials and wide color gamut help the company to get the real works of design art. Every object SITS has its own style, with an emphasis on ascetic functionality. Today furniture Sits can only be seen in the show-room Cosmorelax in the shopping center Roomer or buy in the e-shop.
If you wish to see in the interior of his home a stylish, comfortable furniture, but care about the health of the environment, the furniture Sits right decision. Thinking designers reflected in the chair ALLAN, the design of which is the combination of beauty, elegance of forms and functionality. Despite such an unusual form, this chair is incredibly easy: creating a sensation of weightlessness, but wooden armrests provide the necessary stability of the form.
When a need for functional sofa for a large family, then in the directory Sits with a spacious corner simple and elegant forms and at the same time a sleek design. There is nothing better than in the evening to meet his family, invite friends to discuss the latest news and events that happened in your life, conveniently situated on the beautiful and comfortable corner sofa Oscar or Fly. And the more comfortable they will make pillows Oscar.

Scotish cashmere furniture

Just imagine, Scottish company Johnstons of Elgin producing cashmere products there are more than 200 years! They, by the way, were the first in Europe who started raising a special mountain goats, and then weave hair of such pleasant to touch the fabric. From this fabric firm for many years makes excellent furniture, as, for convenience, and form. Today we want to share inspiring pictures of the latest interior design company directory. Cell beautiful!

Designer furniture for all times

Designer furniture for all times Designer furniture century-16Furniture, Drexel Heritage known far outside America as an explanation of what life in luxury is. Very modest, but durable, low-key, but respectable, this furniture is the embodiment of classic interior, created for years. Designer furniture Drexel oak stylish finishes order embassies, government offices, large commercial companies and celebrities.

Factory Drexel Heritage since 1903 pleases the true lovers of the classics without frills. The furniture meets the highest requirements for durable furniture. Each piece of furniture from 22 collections represents practicality and elegance, underscoring the delicate taste of its owner-aesthete.

The factory produces furniture for living and dining rooms, bedrooms and rooms in the style of American classics, which was formed under the influence of European trends of the past centuries. In addition to furniture Drexel produces mirrors. Sofas, beds, dressers, tables, chairs and other items designer furniture of this brand is intended only for the discerning buyer who wants to leave a legacy for future generations.
To order any item of furniture Drexel Heritage, it is necessary to wait 4 to 6 months. Although the impeccable quality of furniture is always these expectations, today, this furniture can be found available in Russia. The company Design Place offers a large range of designer furniture Drexel for those working on an urgent design projects, but wants to make them outstanding.

Amazing furniture designed and created from suitcases

Old, already worn the subject come alive in the hands of the designer Kathy Thompson. I have selected in my opinion the most interesting and beautiful results of its work. I must say that old trunks designer is not limited to, using their creative works and old typewriter, and the lamps, and bottles, and the dishes and many other things. Watch and appreciate!

16 Inspiring Design Ideas of Bunk Beds for Kids

Bunk_Beds_Desgn_Idea-4Bunk beds for kids are very popular in families where thereare two or more children. They are especially relevant for a small residential space. Additionally, this purchase iscan save money comparing to buying two separate beds.

Compactness of products allows us to solve the problem of small room space. Most of them are equipped with drawers that can be used to keeping bedding or any other things. Almost all certified beds – totally safe, easy to use, have an attractive look and original design.

We should focus on choosing the materials of construction for such beds. It is desirable that manufacturers used environmentally friendly materials, such as wood. If the finished product is covered with varnish or paint, then the it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that they had a certificate confirming compliance with environmental and health standards.

Large selection of bunk cots provided by various manufacturers in the furniture market, allows you to choose a product that is ideal for interior design. A variety of models ranging from classic to trendy, wide palette of colors and designs that will satisfy the needs not only parents, but also children. Children love to play on the second floor, so it is important that the bed was as safe as it concerns protecting ledges and stairs .


Car Mobel – Beautiful German Furniture

German company Car Mobel has over 50 years working closely with various professionals to create high-quality and stylish furniture. In order to keep their prices at a relatively low level, the company has no physical stores – only online shop and a showroom in Germany. Check this out here. Their products are so bright and inspiring that we are left to wonder:

Below in the gallery you can find various creative furniture designs by Car Mobel (chairs, storage, beds, bookcases, desks, tables, etc):