Designer furniture for all times

Designer furniture for all times Designer furniture century-16Furniture, Drexel Heritage known far outside America as an explanation of what life in luxury is. Very modest, but durable, low-key, but respectable, this furniture is the embodiment of classic interior, created for years. Designer furniture Drexel oak stylish finishes order embassies, government offices, large commercial companies and celebrities.

Factory Drexel Heritage since 1903 pleases the true lovers of the classics without frills. The furniture meets the highest requirements for durable furniture. Each piece of furniture from 22 collections represents practicality and elegance, underscoring the delicate taste of its owner-aesthete.

The factory produces furniture for living and dining rooms, bedrooms and rooms in the style of American classics, which was formed under the influence of European trends of the past centuries. In addition to furniture Drexel produces mirrors. Sofas, beds, dressers, tables, chairs and other items designer furniture of this brand is intended only for the discerning buyer who wants to leave a legacy for future generations.
To order any item of furniture Drexel Heritage, it is necessary to wait 4 to 6 months. Although the impeccable quality of furniture is always these expectations, today, this furniture can be found available in Russia. The company Design Place offers a large range of designer furniture Drexel for those working on an urgent design projects, but wants to make them outstanding.



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