Sits – European brand of wonderful soft furniture

Wonderful company SITS engaged in creation of very stylish and functional soft furniture, the design of which you can feel the influence of the Scandinavian school. For 20 years SITS successfully designs of chairs, beds, sofas various forms, and other models of soft furniture. The combination of bold ideas, high-quality materials and wide color gamut help the company to get the real works of design art. Every object SITS has its own style, with an emphasis on ascetic functionality. Today furniture Sits can only be seen in the show-room Cosmorelax in the shopping center Roomer or buy in the e-shop.
If you wish to see in the interior of his home a stylish, comfortable furniture, but care about the health of the environment, the furniture Sits right decision. Thinking designers reflected in the chair ALLAN, the design of which is the combination of beauty, elegance of forms and functionality. Despite such an unusual form, this chair is incredibly easy: creating a sensation of weightlessness, but wooden armrests provide the necessary stability of the form.
When a need for functional sofa for a large family, then in the directory Sits with a spacious corner simple and elegant forms and at the same time a sleek design. There is nothing better than in the evening to meet his family, invite friends to discuss the latest news and events that happened in your life, conveniently situated on the beautiful and comfortable corner sofa Oscar or Fly. And the more comfortable they will make pillows Oscar.