Stylish lightening: 12 options

Designer table lamp can be a solution to this issue. Pleasantly get a gift, not just a beautiful thing, which of course he will, but also a faithful helper and companion. Such a gift suitable for the fact that will fit into any interior and will not require installation, such as ceiling or wall lamp.

So, for example, can be a lamp Kelvin Led the work of the famous architect Antonio Citterio for the Italian company Flos. Table lamp with a Green function Mode determines the level of lighting in the room and adjusts the brightness of the LEDs in accordance with it. The luminaire is equipped with touch dimmer, so that you can control them, lightly touching the top of the dome.


Brutal Duii and Duii Mini, created by Italian factory Foscarini for fashion brand Diesel. Designers recalled disney duckling Deweу, when conceived this lamp. The plafond really looks like a duck’s beak. Leg lamp, consisting of several parts, bolted assembled and disassembled like the designer, and the base is convenient to store supplies.

Model # 211/311 from factory La Lampe Gras. A series of these lamps was created in the thirties of the twentieth century French architect Bernard-Albina Grasse. Durable steel and extremely functional design, the absence of welding and mobile articulated joints provide these lamps durability.

Concise OJ from the Danish brand Louis Poulsen

Table lamp BL1 from the collection Bestlite from Danish factory Gubi. Has created its legendary Robert Dudley-best. The most famous owner of this lamp was Winston Churchill.

Fortebraccio from Luceplan. The name of the lamp translates as “strong shoulder”that is quite true. Lamp surprisingly functional: it goes in any plane using a convenient handle and heavy base makes it very stable.


Model-best-selling Tolomeo, established in 1987 Michele De Lucchi for the Italian factory Artemide. For more than twenty years, it continues to enjoy popularity among connoisseurs of quality of light. Position lamp is fixed through a unique mechanism consisting of cables and mounts.


Lamp Caravaggio from young Danish brand Lightyears. Flexible leg allows you to adjust the position of the plafond, tilting it.

Doll from Foscarini. Designers who created it were inspired by Japanese paper Kokeshi dolls.

Lamp-lighthouse Binic from Foscarini suitable for a child’s room and dilute quite an adult interior. Miniature size, and fun design will allow to present this lamp as a gift familiar creative person, including yourself.
Metal glass from Foscarini Diesel. Kerosene lamp in modern versions of blown glass and metal. Ceiling lamp you can turn and set-up.

Accessories for kids rooms from Laura Ashley

Accessories for kids rooms from Laura Ashley 9Choosing the interior for their child, parents always strive to make it bright, warm and joyful. In this room will dream about beautiful princes, long journeys or big victories.
Therefore, in the collections of English brand Laura Ashley special attention to the design of children’s rooms: convenient furniture from natural materials, paper wall-paper and cotton curtains, lamps and pillows with pictures, bright linen, who love children. Interesting stuff attract child – dresses, clothes hooks, toy boxes and create the atmosphere of a happy childhood. The designers managed to give the love and care that parents tend to surround your child, because the main difference of Laura Ashley home cozy and comfortable lifestyle.

Antique clock in the interior design

Watch has long ceased to be just a tool in determining the time. Large wall or small table – they can certainly make the interior more stylish and original. And if this is even and fine antique or vintage watches, your guests will definitely be impressed. Today, we offer some examples of how nice to add this element of the interior.

Pillows for holidays: 19 beautiful pictures inside

Pillows for holidays-9Correctly matching pillows can work wonders in the interior. For example, we can take the pillow young American design Studio Studio 773 – they’re just beautiful. The company was launched in 2008 in Chicago and still produces unique designer pillows exceptionally from high-quality materials on their own designs. Guys recently introduced a special line of products in several styles, dedicated to the winter holidays – I must share.

39 Shebby Chic Lamps Accessories

Shabby chic furniture appeared in the present, as vintage or aged things, things from antiquity and history became very fashionable.
It is considered that this style was created by Ayshvel Rachel – she patented it for them and popularized a brand under which she developed her stores

Mandatory requirement for the shabby chic accessories is soft white or pastel colors. Therefore, floor and table lamps, candle holders, wall sconces and other vintage furniture accessories are repainted in white, create a little scrapes and worn look.