How to design kid’s bedroom for a boy?

Having a child in the family – it is very responsible. Taking care of them requires a lot of money as well as time and love.

Which design is the most suitable for a kid’s room for the boys?

While baby boy is in the womb, this question is not so actual. But taking care of a child begins from the moment when you find out you are pregnant. The mother begins to think about it in the early period of pregnancy, although there is still the 9 months waiting period!

You will do a lot of shopping when getting prepared for this happy moment. And of course then you will be thinking and generating ideas about kid’s room decoration for your baby.

Generally, there’s nothing complicated here, however you need to take into account and apply specific knowledge in order to create a perfect room for your boy. Now we will have a look in more detail this question and fully answer the question “How to make a nursery for a boy?”.

For beginners, you need to understand the main idea that the kid’s room is a place where your boy will spend most of his time. This means that you will have to create in your room, a small world, where he will feel very comfortable, the atmosphere must contain the spirit of peace and security. It is a fact proved long ago that the way is nursery is decorated and designed, may significantly affect the child’s development. That is why you need to fully and seriously dedicate yourself to this question.

Kids Nursery Furniture Materials and Flooring

First of all, you need to think about the materials of the furniture and other room elements you will use. Let’s start from the baby bedding crib. Your baby boy bedding needs to be comfortable and perfectly safe. All the modern standards recommend that you put all the soft elements such as pillows and so on out of your baby crib until your boy is more than 2 years old.

Flooring should be appropriate for your boy’s bedroom. The material must withstand the shock, tumbling, jumping and children running around.

It is better to use natural wood flooring. If it is too expensive, then a cheaper option could be a laminate. It has beautiful visual characteristics, it is anti-static.

You need to take into account the fact that the floor is quite slippery, and boys, having fun and running can seriously injure themselves. That is why we advise you to lay carpet in the nursery, with a short nap. It will be easy to clean, it is anti-static, and it does not fade in the sun. You need to choose a carpet in such a way to best fit into the whole design of your boy’s room, because our main aim and idea is to make beautiful design.

Walls in Boys Nursery

You can paint the walls in the kid’s room and use wallpaper. In the first case, you will have a lot of opportunities in terms of creativity. Paint on the walls what you want and how you want. As we make room for the boy, then it is worth to draw cars, or cartoon characters or use wall letters. And in addition you may use paint with the possibility of washing – if the child draws something on the wall, the only thing you need to do is paint something over it or wash it off with water.

What’s about wallpaper? Nowadays there are options with the possibility of washing. And you have a wide range of wallpapers to choose. At the moment, the market presents a huge variety of kids’ wallpaper with the characters from cartoons and other interesting patterns and colors.

Curtains are playing a big role the design of the boy’s bedroom. Depending on which side your windows come out, you’ll have to pick density materials. If the windows are located on the sunny side, then shutters would be the best option that completely shut down the room from sunlight. Do not forget about design. Choose something beautiful to make your boy happy with his room.

Now let’s talk about lighting

As the main source of overhead lighting, you can take a regular chandelier. There is only a small exception: you should take such a chandelier that does not use an open-work glass or crystal, because the glare that will be produced by them may make harm for your boy’s vision. The lighting should fall evenly, and be gentle. Such light is ideally provided by a large flat bowl placed in the center of the ceiling. Optionally, you can embed ceiling with halogen lamps, which give adequate lighting. Do not forget, about night table lamp, preferably with adjustable brightness and lamp shades, which should be located above the baby bed.

The atmosphere in the nursery for your boy will also depend on what color you will choose. Correctly choose the color palette. For example, it is known that children aged between four and six years old, prefer bright colors, like pink, red and purple. Boy’s room can be decorated by combining all these colors, but the main thing is not to overdo it. We need to get the balance and chime. The overabundance of bright colors can make baby boys tired. Optionally, you can combine some dull or neutral color tones – and as the result you should get the better color design scheme. In this case the colors for ceiling, floor and walls, should have be a bit lighter – you can use white, blue, gray color tones and so on.

If the baby boy is not born yet, you will have to do everything at random, guided by rules of color combinations, taking into account the practicality of the materials used. But when your little boy grows up, he will clearly express his opinion and ideas about his room design. In that case, you may have to radically change the whole concept. When you do this, listen to your boy’s wishes and select colors depending on its nature and character.

Kids’ Rooms Design Ideas and Photos

Have a look at the set of photos of different kids rooms designs we have selected for you:

Original location of toy storage and bunk beds for boys
pottery barn kids room for boys idea

Kids-Room-Idea-For-Boy10 Kids-Room-Idea-For-Boy9



This can be unisex room actually





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