Organizing kids rooms: storage solutions for toys, clothes and other things

How many games and toys has the most ordinary average child? – Probably not less than one hundred. And if you have two children? – Twice. A variety of toys – from huge teddy bears to small beads. And you must learn how to store all this diversity in an organized order.

If you are using to store all the toys in one or two large boxes or drawers, we can easily say that the disorder in your kids room is a common case. This is bad. First, the child is not accustomed to the organization of space in his room, and to the accuracy. Secondly, in order to get a toy, sometimes you have to turn upside down the whole box, which greatly complicates the cleaning. We recommend that you use a lot of different systems for the storage, which will bring order to the kid’s room and will be easy to use for the baby.

So here are kids room organization ideas for different storage solutions:

Storage for toys under the bedStorage for toys under the bed. It is not only convenient, but also makes optimum use of the space of the nursery. Many manufacturers produce beds with built-in drawers for storage. There are separate bed storage boxes.

Tip for moms of impressionable kids: Encourage your child to lay down before going to sleep in a box with favorite toys – let the kid know that under the bed there are no evil monsters, but only his loyal friends – this will allow him to sleep without fear.







Transparent containers for toys storageBoxes, containers for storage of toys – they can be diverse: plastic, textile, combined. The biggest advantage of the individual boxes and boxes – each item / game lies in its place. Every thing / game can get without breaking the order and just clean place. Little boxes easily can be taken without mother’s help.

Tip: Use the transparent or translucent boxes and drawers- the child will not have long time to find the right thing. On the box you can be place images of those things and toys that will be stored there – it is also for easy finding.








Boxes on wheels – are indispensable for storing heavy toys. The wheels allow the child to move the box to where he wants to, without the help of adults. Desirably, they should be capped – in this case, they may be put one upon another to save space.

boxes with toys on wheels










Open shelves – one more opportunity to use the space wisely. Hanging shelf above the table where a child is playing, we will release a table from pencils, pens, brushes, that clutter up the space and

create a sense of confusion. By the way, the above-mentioned items of creativity are best kept in canisters, cups hanging or desktop organizer.

The idea for creative kids: an open shelf can be used periodically to arrange the exhibition “work” of a little artist. This raises the self-esteem of the child and stimulates his creativity.

organizing kids room - open shelves











Shelving or closed cabinets – it’s up to you – these are the places in / on which will be stored all the boxes and containers with things and toys. In lockers it’s better to clear up things and soft toys – not to create extra sources of dust in the room.


Shelving or closed cabinets for kids room












Curtain pockets and sections for storage – from small to large. The walls and ceiling must also be used for storage, which is especially important in the small area kids rooms. In pockets you can store anything, even soft toys. To get things out of the pockets hanging on the wall is extremely easy.

Curtain pockets and sections for storage













Chest of drawers with shallow boxes – a great place to store clothes, which the kid can use independently. Due to the small depth of boxes, baby will find the right clothes with ease.


Chest of drawers with shallow boxes











Using different storage systems is the best choice for those moms who want to teach their babies the organization, independence, and to make a kids room functional and comfortable.