Island kitchen designs photos, tips and ideas

Kitchen Design, as well as any other room, must be not only comfortable, but also stylish. To create an ergonomic and creative kitchen interior in the first place, it is necessary to think about the layout. There are many options for kitchen layouts: corner, in the form of a rectangular trapezoid in one or two lines. Now become a very popular kitchen with island. This option arrangement of furniture is very convenient and practical.

Kitchen design with island

Unusual kitchen with island can be L-shaped or U-shaped with additional work area in the middle. This kitchen looks sleek and stylish, creating a cozy atmosphere and functional interior design.

Classical kitchen-island

Classical kitchen with island option involves a complex process. On the “Island” often set the hob, worktop, a barbecue and a second sink. Under the working surface can be built oven, washing machine or dishwasher. Above the stove have to be hood. Well above the work surface, you can install additional original lighting, and various accessories for the construction of kitchen utensils.

Classic kitchen with island can be done in the style of hi-tech, modern appliances, and a variety of functional furniture make the interior design trendy and creative.

Natural country style home decor will make, warm and cozy.

Especially organic and best style for kitchen island will be minimalism. Reasonableness and accuracy of design, elegance, restraint and convenience of the kitchen in this style will make cooking process easier, and family dinners carefree and cheerful.

Space near the walls you can fill with cupboards and tables for kitchen utensils. A dining table is better to put near the window.

If you have a considerable size kitchen, very stylishly will be looking a bar near the “island” in the kitchen instead of the table. This option of the table-buffet fits for a youth apartment where  funny companies gather together all the time.

Kitchen with island designed for the whole family

If you have a large family and you often get together for breakfast, arrange family dinners, the kitchen island will be the ideal option for designing a cozy family corner.

“Island” in the kitchen can be made in the form of the chest, which can comfortably accommodate cutlery and crockery. Outside the walls you can put equipment: oven, gas or electric stove, refrigerator. This option will make the planning of the kitchen spacious and comfortable.

If you are an admirer of luxury and exquisite wines, the “island” with the working surface can be used as a wine cabinet with beautiful shelves and glass showcases.

Very interesting option is to create kitchen design with a movable “island”. It perfectly fits any interior style and complements it. Thanks to the wheels, on which the “island” stands, it can be easily moved to any corner of the kitchen and saves a lot of space.

The most functional and practical mobile version of the “island” in the kitchen is with a folding top. This design is convenient in that, if necessary, a small cutting board can be converted into a full dining table, where not only fits your whole family, but also the guests.

The story of one modern kitchen

Today we show detailed pictures of a very beautiful modern kitchen that has made us a special impression. A great idea is to separate working and dining areas with stylish glass partitions. In addition, here you can find some pretty good ideas on effective storage of kitchen things. And if you take in general – it’s a beautiful kitchen!

Beautiful Spanish kitchen

Spanish company Deulonder makes incredibly beautiful kitchen (recently, we wrote about one of their project), distinctive features of which are unusual and elegant color combinations, as well as beautiful glass partitions. In addition, importantly, their interiors are very practical, often divided into functional areas, and plenty of places for storage of kitchen accessories. Today we offer you to enjoy the details of one more wonderful project!

Kitchen with French charm

Spacious, bright, full of expressive details – what else is needed for a wonderful cuisine! American designer has chosen for the decoration of this kitchen is a wonderful mix of French Antiques, and items from flea markets and open shelves. Some items of furniture (for example, the massive wooden table) literally been “saved” and received a new life in this interior. Pleasant inspirations!

Kitchen in pastel colours

This kitchen pleases not only the ideal forms, and a pleasant and relaxing tones. And how many light poured into the room through the Windows and a glass door! Of course, the size of the kitchen allowed us to make some additional useful areas (working islet, small dining area for 4 persons), and also contribute to the feeling of space and airiness. Sure, prepare a pleasure!

Light kitchen in an American house

This wonderful kitchen in one of the houses of Arkansas in the United States would not be so beautiful, if not a coincidence. As one of our recent posts, house owners was exposed to fire and damaged beyond recognition. But the owners decided to stay in a positive mood and saw this situation as an opportunity to upgrade. The result of their efforts today will please our eyes.

Sweet American kitchen

Melanie is a professional in the creation of colorful pictures, because it’s a children’s book Illustrator. That is why her kitchen full of merry and bright spots. “I never approach the creation of illustrations too seriously. The main thing is that it was fun,” she says. By the same principle Melanie created the design of your kitchen, where all should, in its view, be simple and cheerful.

Very bright kitchen ideas – 13 photos

All these wonderful dishes are United by one “small” detail in their design and the design used by the ultra bright and saturated colors. Red, acid-yellow, blue – it would seem that the imagination of designers in the gamma selection knows no boundaries. But one thing is certain: in the kitchen will not get bored! Pleasant spring-summer inspirations!

Beautiful Scandinavian kitchen

Bright, spacious, roomy, combined with living room – this kitchen in one of the Swedish apartments has everything you need for happiness of every housewife! A large dining table can also be used as a kitchen island for cooking. As has become a tradition in Sweden, facades kitchens are made in white, only the top wooden. It is also impossible not to mention two wonderful chandeliers – they add a festive mood in the everyday environment. Beautiful!

Beautiful Urban kitchen design

Looking at the pictures that I suddenly wanted very much to become a chef or cook, to spend more time here. So much space, so much storage space, a dining area, all in beautiful bright colours. But, of course, without large Windows overlooking the effect would not be so impressive. Real dream city mistress!