Little bright kitchen

This bright kitchen has proved that with proper design and distribution of functional areas even very small room can give comfort and joy. An interesting solution – shelf around the perimeter is allowed to free up more space, and a creative way to solve a problem of creation of places for eating. Well, for courage in choosing saturated color authors can only applaud.

Delicate kitchen design

So much tenderness and heat in the design of this wonderful white kitchen in Sweden! Despite some rustic touches, this kitchen is part of the usual city apartment. Very original turned out to be a patchwork-apron of tiles, beautiful looks classical chandelier and a plate on the wall. In General, you can get some great ideas for a cozy kitchen.

Beautiful kitchen with an island

This fine American cuisine, bright, comfortable and full of interesting design decisions. Take, white tiles on the apron, laid in a herringbone – easy and quite stylish! In addition liked wooden finish of the island and back wall cupboard and chairs-spiders. Great design from Sarah Richardson!

Modern wooden kitchen design

Never thought that modern cuisine in a beige colour can be so beautiful. And although almost all of it is plain, without additional color inserts, kitchen does not look boring, but on the contrary, thanks to this very warm and cosy. Of course, we cannot ignore the presence of access to the terrace through the glass doors, which provide an incredible amount of light during the day. I want to stay here longer.

The cosy kitchen in Madrid

In the design of this wonderful cuisine combines elements of the retro style with industrial design is modern, and comfortable home. And thanks to sliding partitions, kitchen combined with dining room and is ideal for cooking with friends or family. Undoubtedly, such a nice, warm colours, offers a calm and open communication, unhurried meal. Very neat and comfortable kitchen!

A magnificent wooden kitchen

The tree, perhaps, will always be in trend, because of its beauty is timeless. This magnificent cuisine is one of the modern buildings in Montreal and fully implemented in the tree – owners wanted to recreate the atmosphere of an old European province. But at the same time to call it old-fashioned or “from the past” do not dare, so fresh and stylish looks, this design. No kitchen, but the dream of easy!

Bright floral Wallpaper in the kitchen

The exterior of this house in the US was designed in traditional English style, so and in the kitchen the designer’s task was to add more “atmosphere of England.” The original, and also a very elegant solution was the use of bright floral Wallpaper from the legendary British producer William Morris, which are a kind of continuation of the wonderful greenery outside. Bold, fresh and incredibly beautiful!

Interior splendour in the works of Alice Black Interiors: 32 photos inside

The interiors wonderful Studio Alice Black Interiors are attracted by its simplicity and soft, with a soft colours and elegant furniture. In his works, the designers are not reinventing the wheel, do not create innovative solutions, but only the most harmoniously combine all the familiar aspects of home design. Alice Black in his time had long trained in the most successful designers of new York before you open your company. This experience together with great love to the design shown in childhood, help the designer to show their talent to this day. Look!