Small kitchen design: 22 modern space saving tips

Most small kitchen owners think that in order to make it more comfortable and wider, you need tiny furniture, small appliance elements and white walls. It turns out that this is not really necessary! In the arsenal of contemporary designers there are lots of tricks and ideas that make it possible to create small kitchen design to your liking. Kitchen is a family room and should be pleasant for everybody. Read the 22 best tips for small kitchens design from experienced designers.

Small kitchen design idea – colors and patterns

1. Any neutral, calm colors better reflect lighting and visually extend the room space.
2. It’s good, if in a small kitchen will be as much natural and artificial lighting.
3. You can visually unite tiny kitchen with a hallway, especially if there are no doors.
4. Designing small kitchen try to use a light textile.
5. The interior of small kitchens should not have more than two colors. The visual simplicity is expanding the space.
6. A lot of different patterns, drawings and pictures in a small space are confusing and tiring.

Furniture design for a small kitchen

7. Light, pale colored furniture for a kitchen seems to be less massive and unwieldy.
8. Perfect solution for small kitchen design – transparent furniture.
9. “The smaller, the better” – truly a golden rule for a small kitchen!
10. At least one furniture element has to “drag on” skyward. It will draw attention to the upper part of the room, and the ceiling will seem higher.
11. Round table occupies less space than a square one

Décor in tiny kitchen design

12. It’s very nice to use delicate patterns and beautiful pictures.
13. Try to hang a curtain rod above the top of the window. It will expand the space of the room to the heights.
14. Use fabric with texture
15. If you do not want to decorate the window with textiles, try to apply light blinds or Roman shades of translucent colored fabric.

Kitchen appliances and accessories

16. Want to create a kitchen of your dream and decorate a wall with a painting, photo, or some cute accessory? Do not hang it in the middle as usually people do. Try to hang your art object higher or lower than usual, and your guests will not have to pay attention to the dimensions of space.
17. Experienced designers recommend using transparent and shiny accessories and appliances in the small kitchens.  Pay a lot of attention to dining chairs and benches and select them to best fit in your concept.
18. One more option to lift the ceiling is to hang a crystal chandelier.
19. User mirrors, they make the space deeper and wider.
20. Do not place huge bouquets and lush plants.

Storage solutions and ideas for a small kitchen

21. You placed the round table in the corner and did not want to move it? Underneath it, it is possible to arrange a small “secret” storage place to keep little things that can’t be placed in in the cabinets due to lack of space.
22. For papers and other small items it is comfortably to accommodate a wide ceramic vase, jewelry box or wicker basket. Will look quite organically. And no mess!

Check out our set of small kitchen room designs photos below that we have selected for your inspiration: