Ceiling designs for living room: tips, ideas and beautiful 30 photos

Living room for most families is one of the main rooms in which to hold family council and quiet evenings. That is why the interior of the living room should be well thought out.

However, many people forget about considering the design of the ceiling, although it is an integral part of the living room. If you pay attention to the interior of living room, relevant ten years ago, you will see that in spite of the magnificent interior design, living room ceiling usually is pretty boring and monotonous. Now this idea has changed the design of the ceiling and given due attention.

Lighting is not only important in creating an atmosphere in the room, or focusing on a particular subject of the interior, but also important for the decoration of the ceiling. Emphasize the height of the ceiling, to create its beautiful industrial interior, you can using multiple lights and light bulbs.

Also very chic adorn the ceiling, rich chandeliers. An interesting option is to use a traditional wooden ceiling. Various choices differently represent your living room. The variety of drawings, ideas, colors pleasantly surprise you.

If the interior of your home is made in a certain style, then it must comply with the ceiling. Various lights, decoration elements must not depress the overall look of the dining room. Do not overfill the ceiling lamps and lights, to feel comfortable, and also come with decorative elements.

Thus, properly designed ceiling, thorough coverage undoubtedly contribute to your quality rest, a pleasant pastime, and one of the friends and guests are sure to impress! Experiment with new ideas and projects, make something of themselves, and you will achieve great results!

Look beautiful modern mirrored ceilings, and elegant reflecting surface that visually enlarge the space of the room. Using as an interesting decor carved tiles is also a good option ceiling decorations.

Interior splendour in the works of Alice Black Interiors: 32 photos inside

The interiors wonderful Studio Alice Black Interiors are attracted by its simplicity and soft, with a soft colours and elegant furniture. In his works, the designers are not reinventing the wheel, do not create innovative solutions, but only the most harmoniously combine all the familiar aspects of home design. Alice Black in his time had long trained in the most successful designers of new York before you open your company. This experience together with great love to the design shown in childhood, help the designer to show their talent to this day. Look!

Lovely interiors from the photographer Romain Richard

Romain Ricard is not only a very talented photographer and master of his craft. First of all, he was born in France – a country where the interior design is the pride of the nation and whose style popular far beyond its borders. Therefore, in his works can be found lots of great examples of modern French design skillfully captured and presented in the incredibly beautiful light. In my opinion, that’s fine!

Works by great Green Couch Studio from California

Studio with a funny name Green Couch is a group of talented and creative minds from San Francisco, the design of which is traditional enough to be above any trends, and bold enough to provide fresh eclectic atmosphere in their interiors. Guided by the couple designers Tray and Jeff Schlarb, the company began its activity in 2002, but the real fame and recognition earned in 2011 after participating in a television interior shows and publications in leading journals. Residential space, Green Couch is always light and comfortable, pleasant neutral colours and plenty of natural light. Great!

Great living room design in a country house

Great living room design in country house - 7The interior of this rest house in Moscow region is very much like a tree, in principle, outside the window – the cottage is situated next to the forest, but thanks to the successful solution of the designers, accommodation in no case can not be called boring or monotonous. In this project several varieties of wood: were applied: the walls of tinted pine beam combined with finishing and built-in furniture made of oak, larch and beech. But most importantly, perhaps, it is a deep colours – wooden elements are carefully painted and tinted, from which the interior looks very noble. Bravo!

How to zone studio apartment into spaces

As from Studio apartments to do kopeck piece-5Due to very interesting solution Lithuanian designer Audrone Ambraziene was able to turn an old grandmother’s apartment with an area of 34 square meters in a very functional modern accommodation with separate bedroom. Almost all walls within the apartments were destroyed, resulting in one large and bright space living room and kitchen. The main feature of the object is disguised as a wardrobe in the bedroom, separated from the main room light mirrored partitions – though very small, but stylish and comfortable in design. Bravo!

Lounge Room Design Ideas to Have a Perfect Rest


One of the main things in the living room in the house is to create a comfortable atmosphere. Usually for lounge areas people allocate a specific space – loft , billiard room, swimming pool, etc. It is important to choose the optimal color scheme and design style solution that will adjust to the peace and tranquility. It is definetely neccessary to use comfortable chairs, sofas, ottomans . Houseplants and compositions of them also widely used to create comfort.

Speaking about this room under the roof of the building, here you can create unusual space to spend spare time in the house, thanks to the complex geometry of the ceiling. As for a small room in the attic, you can get around the perimeter of upholstered furniture. TV on the opposite wall would be a suitable supplement. Good design solution in this room is the use of materials with the same color. Muted tones create an intimate atmosphere.

Large, spacious room has become a great place for big companies. Its interior is designed in oriental style – warm carpet on the floor strewn with pillows, low sofa placed along the wall.

Nothing is so mesmerizing and sets a romantic mood as an open fire. Fireplace in the interior usually stands near the wall. An interesting design decision was to make a fireplace in the middle of the room, and around it to create a recreation area .




9 easy steps to the living room design of your dream

Imagine you’re standing in a clean space with blank walls in your future living room. Any design ideas? We’ll help you to choose your own unique style of living room with important tips below and take into account that it is a family room:

1. Choosing colors

Choosing living room colors is very important thing and it depends on the fact which style the room will have (either it will be a rustic, modern or classic one). The color should blend in with general mood of the room. Intense color of walls will give the desired comfort.

If you want to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, your choice – warm tones of red and brown color.

If you want to set a calm but lively mood at the same time, use cold tones of blue and green hues, perfectly matching this style.

Have a look at our tips with which you’ll be able to choose the color that will bring desired mood in your future living room design.

• Tip No. 1: light shades expand room space.

If you have a large living room, you can feel free to use dark shades.

Otherwise it’s better to play with a lighter color.

• Tip No. 2: it isn’t necessary to choose light colors, play with it!

It is assumed that а dark paint should be more gentle, pastel. An interesting fact is that you can paint the walls with a dark brown color, and it’ll not affect space of the room. In fact, color of the paint isn’t as important as its diluted pastel shade. So feel free to decorate the living room with brown, gray, purple and blue colors, just use its pastel shades.

• Tip No. 3: neutral colors play a big role too.

You should better to choose neutral colors for your living room. Neutral shades are not so boring fortunately. There are many pleasant shades of cream, yellow, gold, bronze, peach, ocher, green and gray colors that define neutral color scheme and unobtrusive atmosphere.

2. Fashion is out of date

Choose that furniture that you’ll love forever, don’t look at the fashion trends. And then just add or change accents, which show your taste and mood right now. Styles and trends change easily using parts or finishing, and quality furniture will last for many-many years.

3. Choosing furniture

Think hard about what the purpose of this room is. If you decide that you don’t need a classic living room with sofa and TV, and that it would be more functional as a game room with a pool table and you really want it, don’t hesitate – this is what you need. To complete the planning you can use a few chairs, a couch and a table for four. This is your house, and only your opinion does matter!

4. Windows

Any window combines at least two functions – it’s a source of light and expansion of the interior outward. Would you like to add natural light to the room or turn it off? Would you like to highlight beautiful view from the window or, on vice versa, to hide the industrial landscape? Answers to these questions determine the choice of decor of the room. In addition draping windows can serve as a determining factor for design of the entire space. With the length, texture and pattern of curtains you can visually enlarge or reduce the ceiling height.

5. Pay attention to the shapes

You can use all kinds of shapes to decorate the living room, including square, rectangular, circular and even triangular. Straight and curved lines can also determine the mood of the living room design. Typically, the most attractive room is obtained by combining shapes and lines. Decorative pillows help to use various forms, types of fabric and patterns.

Also, for example rectangular couch can be perfectly combined with a round table and a square table lamp. Vases and containers may also vary the shape of the room.

6. Mirrored details

Try to use the beauty of symmetry – create a composition of beautiful accessories on the wall. Locate duplicate objects, create a rhythm. You can also place the same decoration on the both sides of the window, as if placing it in a beautiful frame.

7. Wall Decoration

Prints, paintings and photos can personalize the room and completeness of the look, as well as jewelry can complete the character. When you are determining how to hang your artwork, look at the place you want to fill it in and define whether the vertical or horizontal orientation will work better. Always take into account not only the size of the wall and the decoration items themselves, but also the surrounding objects.

8. Colors duplication

Use any color more than once – it’s a principle that will help your living room design to be coordinated by color. But keep in mind that the colors manifest themselves on different types of surfaces in the different ways. Instead of looking at each object separately, pay attention to what you see in common in shades and colors.

9. Mixing patterns

No matter what type of pattern do you mix – traditional stripes and flowers or complex geometric patterns and motifs – a few basic principles apply everywhere. Zoom in and drawings which are used in the room space – whether they are on the drapery, artwork, or pillows. Mix large, medium and small sizes and it’ll not mismatch with each other.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll quickly create the living room design of your dream.
Well-organized and well-designed living room will be a place for a pleasant pastime and will fit your lifestyle.