9 easy steps to the living room design of your dream

Imagine you’re standing in a clean space with blank walls in your future living room. Any design ideas? We’ll help you to choose your own unique style of living room with important tips below and take into account that it is a family room:

1. Choosing colors

Choosing living room colors is very important thing and it depends on the fact which style the room will have (either it will be a rustic, modern or classic one). The color should blend in with general mood of the room. Intense color of walls will give the desired comfort.

If you want to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, your choice – warm tones of red and brown color.

If you want to set a calm but lively mood at the same time, use cold tones of blue and green hues, perfectly matching this style.

Have a look at our tips with which you’ll be able to choose the color that will bring desired mood in your future living room design.

• Tip No. 1: light shades expand room space.

If you have a large living room, you can feel free to use dark shades.

Otherwise it’s better to play with a lighter color.

• Tip No. 2: it isn’t necessary to choose light colors, play with it!

It is assumed that а dark paint should be more gentle, pastel. An interesting fact is that you can paint the walls with a dark brown color, and it’ll not affect space of the room. In fact, color of the paint isn’t as important as its diluted pastel shade. So feel free to decorate the living room with brown, gray, purple and blue colors, just use its pastel shades.

• Tip No. 3: neutral colors play a big role too.

You should better to choose neutral colors for your living room. Neutral shades are not so boring fortunately. There are many pleasant shades of cream, yellow, gold, bronze, peach, ocher, green and gray colors that define neutral color scheme and unobtrusive atmosphere.

2. Fashion is out of date

Choose that furniture that you’ll love forever, don’t look at the fashion trends. And then just add or change accents, which show your taste and mood right now. Styles and trends change easily using parts or finishing, and quality furniture will last for many-many years.

3. Choosing furniture

Think hard about what the purpose of this room is. If you decide that you don’t need a classic living room with sofa and TV, and that it would be more functional as a game room with a pool table and you really want it, don’t hesitate – this is what you need. To complete the planning you can use a few chairs, a couch and a table for four. This is your house, and only your opinion does matter!

4. Windows

Any window combines at least two functions – it’s a source of light and expansion of the interior outward. Would you like to add natural light to the room or turn it off? Would you like to highlight beautiful view from the window or, on vice versa, to hide the industrial landscape? Answers to these questions determine the choice of decor of the room. In addition draping windows can serve as a determining factor for design of the entire space. With the length, texture and pattern of curtains you can visually enlarge or reduce the ceiling height.

5. Pay attention to the shapes

You can use all kinds of shapes to decorate the living room, including square, rectangular, circular and even triangular. Straight and curved lines can also determine the mood of the living room design. Typically, the most attractive room is obtained by combining shapes and lines. Decorative pillows help to use various forms, types of fabric and patterns.

Also, for example rectangular couch can be perfectly combined with a round table and a square table lamp. Vases and containers may also vary the shape of the room.

6. Mirrored details

Try to use the beauty of symmetry – create a composition of beautiful accessories on the wall. Locate duplicate objects, create a rhythm. You can also place the same decoration on the both sides of the window, as if placing it in a beautiful frame.

7. Wall Decoration

Prints, paintings and photos can personalize the room and completeness of the look, as well as jewelry can complete the character. When you are determining how to hang your artwork, look at the place you want to fill it in and define whether the vertical or horizontal orientation will work better. Always take into account not only the size of the wall and the decoration items themselves, but also the surrounding objects.

8. Colors duplication

Use any color more than once – it’s a principle that will help your living room design to be coordinated by color. But keep in mind that the colors manifest themselves on different types of surfaces in the different ways. Instead of looking at each object separately, pay attention to what you see in common in shades and colors.

9. Mixing patterns

No matter what type of pattern do you mix – traditional stripes and flowers or complex geometric patterns and motifs – a few basic principles apply everywhere. Zoom in and drawings which are used in the room space – whether they are on the drapery, artwork, or pillows. Mix large, medium and small sizes and it’ll not mismatch with each other.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll quickly create the living room design of your dream.
Well-organized and well-designed living room will be a place for a pleasant pastime and will fit your lifestyle.



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