Lounge Room Design Ideas to Have a Perfect Rest


One of the main things in the living room in the house is to create a comfortable atmosphere. Usually for lounge areas people allocate a specific space – loft , billiard room, swimming pool, etc. It is important to choose the optimal color scheme and design style solution that will adjust to the peace and tranquility. It is definetely neccessary to use comfortable chairs, sofas, ottomans . Houseplants and compositions of them also widely used to create comfort.

Speaking about this room under the roof of the building, here you can create unusual space to spend spare time in the house, thanks to the complex geometry of the ceiling. As for a small room in the attic, you can get around the perimeter of upholstered furniture. TV on the opposite wall would be a suitable supplement. Good design solution in this room is the use of materials with the same color. Muted tones create an intimate atmosphere.

Large, spacious room has become a great place for big companies. Its interior is designed in oriental style – warm carpet on the floor strewn with pillows, low sofa placed along the wall.

Nothing is so mesmerizing and sets a romantic mood as an open fire. Fireplace in the interior usually stands near the wall. An interesting design decision was to make a fireplace in the middle of the room, and around it to create a recreation area .






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