Small colourful apartment design

Who said that small space should be white? This bright apartment in Brazil shows the opposite. Even better, if saturated colors will be complemented by natural daylight! Here, in my opinion, everything is very organically combined, and despite the cold shades, the interior is cozy and interesting. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments, but do not overdo it!

Orange tones in apartment decoration

Designer Kay Douglass as a basis in this light house in Atlanta took neutral pastel palette. Against this background, bright orange part in all the rooms look very fresh, creating a feeling of eternal summer and heat. Besides, this is the favorite color of the designer – color, which, in his opinion, brings joy and life. It is difficult not to agree, especially looking at this wonderful interior.

French Eclectic Interior Ideas

French contemporary interiors resemble the image of a young French girl. They have a special charm, originality and versatility. In such interiors creates a sense of light attitude to life, positive and somewhat reckless. When getting acquainted with the interior of this house is striking creative mix of styles and eras, very cool perceived stylistic variety of areas. There is and furniture from well-known designers and unique findings from flea markets. All rooms are your personal and suitable for people of different generations with different interests. Excellent!

Fun bedroom bedding sets: 19 ideas

Famous American youth magazine Teen Vogue recently issued its colorful collection of bed linen. Some things have turned out very bold and colorful, but the overall view photos rises mood and a smile appears on her face. This bedding is certainly not for those who are accustomed to plain neutral colors in the interior and afraid to experiment with colors. What you need to spring mood!

Summer bedroom

Only two bright colors and the bedroom looks fantastic! In the interior, perhaps, never want to be sad, but just to smile and enjoy life. Beautiful decor with a nautical theme, only adds to the summer mood, and reminds the holiday season. More such positive interiors!

A small but bold bedroom

The color scheme in this small bedroom from American designer Jennifer Huett is one of the most daring and interesting that we ever met. This confuses bright shades of turquoise and purple with white furniture and grey walls. You can also mirror in a black frame and the light next to him – they are beautiful! Of course, such a design will appeal not everything, but a creative approach to the design of the bedroom definitely the place to be.

Black and white in interior of house in Sweden

This modern house belongs to the Swedish blogger Annaline Carlson and her husband. So not much to break their heads over the color solution of the interior, the couple decided to make it almost completely black and white, and there only diluting it with herbs, or tree. Second light and the glass walls have conquered me here in the first place, although it should be noted also and excellent attic-library.

The interior design in beige tones

City condominium gets a new dynamic image that corresponds to its location in the fashionable, and wealthy neighborhood of Boston’s Back Bay. The designers ‘ task was to revive this place, to give life and individuality. Clean, pastel color palette creates a soft, soothing atmosphere in the interior. In the quiet reading corner, you can feel as if you are in your own inner world. It is obvious that the project was very successful, the result is a magnificent and comfortable interior.