Copper and rose in Scandinavian design

It seems that the Scandinavians are tired of white interiors. Wonderful Broste Copenhagen has released a collection of accessories for a house in cool shades of pink and brown. Besides the different options cowberry-pink, Broste Copenhagen use in the collection of the cool shade of brown, which they call a “funghi” and metallic prints bronze and silver colors. Another cult lamp Nix from the House Doctor in the shape of a bullet now also available in a copper color. House doctor has produced not only copper lamps and accessories, but also furniture! For example, stools and bar stools Define.

Kids room for girl in green and blue colors

Green and blue, in truth, not the most popular color for processing room for girls. But the designers of the American company Martensen Jones Interiors have managed to create a very gentle and pleasant interior of the child using this color combinations. Undoubtedly, the owner of this room was pleased with the large number of beautiful details and decorations that adorn here every nook and without which he could not live any girl. Very original and fresh interior!

Kids room designed in Lego style

Designing kids room designer is probably one of the most beloved and longed-classes activities for designers, because you can be creative and focus on jamming with bright colors. For example, the Studio from Istanbul Pebble Design offered a great idea for registration malchukova rooms in the style of the popular Lego construction. Here and colored cubes as architectural technique, and the characters, and the constructor as part of the decor. The proposed thematic set for your inspiration!

Kids room where you can find everything you need

This spacious kids room in beautiful colours – the dream of almost every child and their parents. Here there is everything for a relaxing and development: large games area, an area for study, many lockers, bed and natural light is the best set and not think. And a lot of tender details in the form of soft toys and textiles add the final touch to this truly wonderful children’s interior.

Kids room for small travellers

But the design boyish kid’s room is not limited to cars and boats, as many believe, especially in our countries. One has only to show a little imagination, and you can easily create a highly original kids’s room interior. Boy, which was done in this room, a big fan of the movie Indiana Jones and all kinds of travelling, so with his friends he makes a real camping right at home. And why not!

Charming kids room

Nice, tender baby breaks the stereotype that room in blue tones should be exclusively for the boy. Is this color to add different charming little things and textiles, floral motifs – the space becomes soft, girlish, a little dreamy way. By the way, almost everything and presents decoration you can do with your hands.

The story of one modern kitchen

Today we show detailed pictures of a very beautiful modern kitchen that has made us a special impression. A great idea is to separate working and dining areas with stylish glass partitions. In addition, here you can find some pretty good ideas on effective storage of kitchen things. And if you take in general – it’s a beautiful kitchen!

Beautiful Spanish kitchen

Spanish company Deulonder makes incredibly beautiful kitchen (recently, we wrote about one of their project), distinctive features of which are unusual and elegant color combinations, as well as beautiful glass partitions. In addition, importantly, their interiors are very practical, often divided into functional areas, and plenty of places for storage of kitchen accessories. Today we offer you to enjoy the details of one more wonderful project!

Kitchen with French charm

Spacious, bright, full of expressive details – what else is needed for a wonderful cuisine! American designer has chosen for the decoration of this kitchen is a wonderful mix of French Antiques, and items from flea markets and open shelves. Some items of furniture (for example, the massive wooden table) literally been “saved” and received a new life in this interior. Pleasant inspirations!

Kitchen in pastel colours

This kitchen pleases not only the ideal forms, and a pleasant and relaxing tones. And how many light poured into the room through the Windows and a glass door! Of course, the size of the kitchen allowed us to make some additional useful areas (working islet, small dining area for 4 persons), and also contribute to the feeling of space and airiness. Sure, prepare a pleasure!