Photos of different apartments decorated to inspire you

First apartment is a typical American apartment, with typical decorating ideas and interior design. Combined rooms – dining room, living room and kitchen – expand the space in the small spaces. Waiver of partitions not only increases the useful area, but allows filling the room with additional light.

As for the decorating elements, we can consider it is designed with youth style. There are no extra parts and unnecessary items, all succinctly as possible. The walls are decorated with posters with portraits, America’s photos. The bedroom has a lot of pictures, framed in massive frames, household and close friends, and it makes the atmosphere of this intimate room cozier. High soft bed occupies an important space in the bedroom.

Neutral calm colors – a combination of a light beige and white in perfect harmony with each other. The walls are covered with paint, laminate flooring is laid, which matches the color tone of the walls. Wooden furniture tells us about practicality and ergonomics of its owners.
This interior home decor of New York apartment fits the definition of a classic one. Windows are decorated using textile curtains, colors that blend with the overall color scheme. Penetration of sunlight is preserved by bamboo blinds, which if necessary can be omitted, or fold.

The next is decorating idea of an apartment in Manhetten, NY:

And the last apratment decorating idea we want to present you in this post is about sweet apartment in Stockholm, Sweden:

39 Shebby Chic Lamps Accessories

Shabby chic furniture appeared in the present, as vintage or aged things, things from antiquity and history became very fashionable.
It is considered that this style was created by Ayshvel Rachel – she patented it for them and popularized a brand under which she developed her stores

Mandatory requirement for the shabby chic accessories is soft white or pastel colors. Therefore, floor and table lamps, candle holders, wall sconces and other vintage furniture accessories are repainted in white, create a little scrapes and worn look.

Home Office: 35 inspirational photos and ideas

Today it is not a surprise to work at home. Now working at home is so usual not only for freelancers, but also for small companies, consisting of two or three employees.

No matter what you do, developing computer software, web designing or even private investigation, nothing stops you from designing your small office with taste and love? So it would a pleasure to work there, and not be ashamed to show visitors.

Optionally, for these purposes you can hire interior design professionals! Here we have a collection of beautiful and creative home office decoration ideas that we believe should inspire you on the way to create a perfect one.

A very attractive office space can be decorated environmentally friendly with natural wood. For example, that’s enough to put a wooden table in the room with a clay bowl with dry twigs on it and finish the interior with chairs from the garden furniture. In this room you will breathe easily, and work with pleasure.

Car Mobel – Beautiful German Furniture

German company Car Mobel has over 50 years working closely with various professionals to create high-quality and stylish furniture. In order to keep their prices at a relatively low level, the company has no physical stores – only online shop and a showroom in Germany. Check this out here. Their products are so bright and inspiring that we are left to wonder:

Below in the gallery you can find various creative furniture designs by Car Mobel (chairs, storage, beds, bookcases, desks, tables, etc):

Kids Wall Stickers: Birds, flowers, animals and jungle

Today, more and more popularity is gained by variety of colorful children’s vinyl stickers that are placed on the walls and furniture in the nursery. Decorative Wall Stickers is fairly simple way of decorating the nursery. These funny pictures can be glued directly to the wallpaper or furniture, on the ceiling or on the mirror. After removing the annoying stickers or move it to another place no traces remain, so don’t be worry about it. These stickers are designed to create a special atmosphere in the nursery that will make your kid’s pastime more comfortable over there.

How to choose wall stickers in the kid’s room:

First of all, talk to your child asking would he or she like to see the pictures in the room. What he will prefer more: Mutant Ninja Turtles or Donald Duck? A baby girl might want to turn her room space into a fabulous palace, a little princess room full of flowers, butterflies, unicorns and pink kitties. A boy would choose stickers with Spiderman and Batman, ships and aircrafts.

Let’s take a look at the set of kids rooms interiors designs and photos with wall stickers that we have prepared for your pleasure:

Wall Stickers with animals:

Birds walls:

Flowers walls:

Jungle walls: 

9 easy steps to the living room design of your dream

Imagine you’re standing in a clean space with blank walls in your future living room. Any design ideas? We’ll help you to choose your own unique style of living room with important tips below and take into account that it is a family room:

1. Choosing colors

Choosing living room colors is very important thing and it depends on the fact which style the room will have (either it will be a rustic, modern or classic one). The color should blend in with general mood of the room. Intense color of walls will give the desired comfort.

If you want to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, your choice – warm tones of red and brown color.

If you want to set a calm but lively mood at the same time, use cold tones of blue and green hues, perfectly matching this style.

Have a look at our tips with which you’ll be able to choose the color that will bring desired mood in your future living room design.

• Tip No. 1: light shades expand room space.

If you have a large living room, you can feel free to use dark shades.

Otherwise it’s better to play with a lighter color.

• Tip No. 2: it isn’t necessary to choose light colors, play with it!

It is assumed that а dark paint should be more gentle, pastel. An interesting fact is that you can paint the walls with a dark brown color, and it’ll not affect space of the room. In fact, color of the paint isn’t as important as its diluted pastel shade. So feel free to decorate the living room with brown, gray, purple and blue colors, just use its pastel shades.

• Tip No. 3: neutral colors play a big role too.

You should better to choose neutral colors for your living room. Neutral shades are not so boring fortunately. There are many pleasant shades of cream, yellow, gold, bronze, peach, ocher, green and gray colors that define neutral color scheme and unobtrusive atmosphere.

2. Fashion is out of date

Choose that furniture that you’ll love forever, don’t look at the fashion trends. And then just add or change accents, which show your taste and mood right now. Styles and trends change easily using parts or finishing, and quality furniture will last for many-many years.

3. Choosing furniture

Think hard about what the purpose of this room is. If you decide that you don’t need a classic living room with sofa and TV, and that it would be more functional as a game room with a pool table and you really want it, don’t hesitate – this is what you need. To complete the planning you can use a few chairs, a couch and a table for four. This is your house, and only your opinion does matter!

4. Windows

Any window combines at least two functions – it’s a source of light and expansion of the interior outward. Would you like to add natural light to the room or turn it off? Would you like to highlight beautiful view from the window or, on vice versa, to hide the industrial landscape? Answers to these questions determine the choice of decor of the room. In addition draping windows can serve as a determining factor for design of the entire space. With the length, texture and pattern of curtains you can visually enlarge or reduce the ceiling height.

5. Pay attention to the shapes

You can use all kinds of shapes to decorate the living room, including square, rectangular, circular and even triangular. Straight and curved lines can also determine the mood of the living room design. Typically, the most attractive room is obtained by combining shapes and lines. Decorative pillows help to use various forms, types of fabric and patterns.

Also, for example rectangular couch can be perfectly combined with a round table and a square table lamp. Vases and containers may also vary the shape of the room.

6. Mirrored details

Try to use the beauty of symmetry – create a composition of beautiful accessories on the wall. Locate duplicate objects, create a rhythm. You can also place the same decoration on the both sides of the window, as if placing it in a beautiful frame.

7. Wall Decoration

Prints, paintings and photos can personalize the room and completeness of the look, as well as jewelry can complete the character. When you are determining how to hang your artwork, look at the place you want to fill it in and define whether the vertical or horizontal orientation will work better. Always take into account not only the size of the wall and the decoration items themselves, but also the surrounding objects.

8. Colors duplication

Use any color more than once – it’s a principle that will help your living room design to be coordinated by color. But keep in mind that the colors manifest themselves on different types of surfaces in the different ways. Instead of looking at each object separately, pay attention to what you see in common in shades and colors.

9. Mixing patterns

No matter what type of pattern do you mix – traditional stripes and flowers or complex geometric patterns and motifs – a few basic principles apply everywhere. Zoom in and drawings which are used in the room space – whether they are on the drapery, artwork, or pillows. Mix large, medium and small sizes and it’ll not mismatch with each other.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll quickly create the living room design of your dream.
Well-organized and well-designed living room will be a place for a pleasant pastime and will fit your lifestyle.

Veranda design: Tips and 70+ photos of decorating ideas

Veranda Design Idea

Beautiful veranda can make any summer home more attractive and spacious. It is especially nice to spend summer days, gathering the whole family and drinking delicious tea. That is why it not a secret that many people want to attach a porch to the house.

Definitely, it is better to build a holiday home or cottage with a veranda, or foresee the possibility of “docking” front patio to the house. However, you can attach a veranda to almost any building; because of it has pretty simple construction design.

First of all, it is necessary to develop the project plan. Complete project will be the key to a successful and long-lasting extension in future.

Interior design of veranda should match the style of the house. It should be its harmonious continuation. Usually built in verandas are made of the same materials as the house itself. In wooden houses it is made of timber or logs, in the brick – brick. But this is not necessarily the rule.

Veranda’s foundation is recommended to be done of the same depth as the foundation of the house to avoid any possible distortions. The frame is usually made of boards or logs. The walls and roof of the veranda should fit to dock to the house. The roof is often lean and flatter than the roof of the house.

Nowadays, sliding walls have gained a huge popularity, and it is truly comfortable in all aspects. Parting the walls, you can easily turn the veranda into the summer terrace. Classical veranda should be bright place, and its sides are set with 2-3 large windows.

Most of the walls in the veranda have windows; therefore such large furniture as cabinets, shelves, bookcases is placed at a blank wall. Usually you can place a table, chairs and sofas in the center or close to the window. To save space, you can use folding table, fitted to the window sill. Since the veranda is a very sunny room, it is worth to hang curtains, blinds or curtains made of straw on the windows.

Check out below photos of veranda decorating ideas and design solutions.

30+ Photos of Italian, French, English, German and Spanish Bathroom Designs

Bathroom is an oasis of comfort, privacy and even creativity. Photos of bathrooms presented below will help you to select the most appropriate visual style. It is important to find a compromise between practicality and aesthetic content. See photos and listen to your feelings.

34 Beautiful Modern Ideas For Bedroom Design

If you have just moved into a new house or you want to spice up your old bedroom, then you definitely need a couple of exclusive ideas for a truly outstanding design. So you want a contemporary, stylish and comfortable bedroom, but have no idea where to start from with all that variety of choices.

I want to facilitate your task and present beautiful photos of the modern bedrooms interiors and design ideas. Perhaps they will be your starting point. The main features presented on the list – the windows, with views of the spectacular scenery, wood trim, creating a warm and cozy, black-and-white combinations, a variety of paintings, king size beds, bright wallpapers and floral arrangements.

So … what would you prefer? Have a look at beautiful photos below please:

Small kitchen design: 22 modern space saving tips

Most small kitchen owners think that in order to make it more comfortable and wider, you need tiny furniture, small appliance elements and white walls. It turns out that this is not really necessary! In the arsenal of contemporary designers there are lots of tricks and ideas that make it possible to create small kitchen design to your liking. Kitchen is a family room and should be pleasant for everybody. Read the 22 best tips for small kitchens design from experienced designers.

Small kitchen design idea – colors and patterns

1. Any neutral, calm colors better reflect lighting and visually extend the room space.
2. It’s good, if in a small kitchen will be as much natural and artificial lighting.
3. You can visually unite tiny kitchen with a hallway, especially if there are no doors.
4. Designing small kitchen try to use a light textile.
5. The interior of small kitchens should not have more than two colors. The visual simplicity is expanding the space.
6. A lot of different patterns, drawings and pictures in a small space are confusing and tiring.

Furniture design for a small kitchen

7. Light, pale colored furniture for a kitchen seems to be less massive and unwieldy.
8. Perfect solution for small kitchen design – transparent furniture.
9. “The smaller, the better” – truly a golden rule for a small kitchen!
10. At least one furniture element has to “drag on” skyward. It will draw attention to the upper part of the room, and the ceiling will seem higher.
11. Round table occupies less space than a square one

Décor in tiny kitchen design

12. It’s very nice to use delicate patterns and beautiful pictures.
13. Try to hang a curtain rod above the top of the window. It will expand the space of the room to the heights.
14. Use fabric with texture
15. If you do not want to decorate the window with textiles, try to apply light blinds or Roman shades of translucent colored fabric.

Kitchen appliances and accessories

16. Want to create a kitchen of your dream and decorate a wall with a painting, photo, or some cute accessory? Do not hang it in the middle as usually people do. Try to hang your art object higher or lower than usual, and your guests will not have to pay attention to the dimensions of space.
17. Experienced designers recommend using transparent and shiny accessories and appliances in the small kitchens.  Pay a lot of attention to dining chairs and benches and select them to best fit in your concept.
18. One more option to lift the ceiling is to hang a crystal chandelier.
19. User mirrors, they make the space deeper and wider.
20. Do not place huge bouquets and lush plants.

Storage solutions and ideas for a small kitchen

21. You placed the round table in the corner and did not want to move it? Underneath it, it is possible to arrange a small “secret” storage place to keep little things that can’t be placed in in the cabinets due to lack of space.
22. For papers and other small items it is comfortably to accommodate a wide ceramic vase, jewelry box or wicker basket. Will look quite organically. And no mess!

Check out our set of small kitchen room designs photos below that we have selected for your inspiration: