Apartments on the beach in Rio: 11 photos

This bright apartment is located next to the famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, and dwells here modern family with three children. It is the location and played a major role in the choice of design for living room: colorful elements on a white background are called to give a good mood and to constantly remind you that you are in the resort. Bedrooms are realized in a more delicate and restrained shades, for a more relaxing holiday. Excellent holiday apartment!

Wooden house in Norway

The closer the cold, the more I want to talk about comfortable cozy interiors, as for example in this beautiful wooden house in Norway. Here everything is almost perfect: small size, stylish black facade, traditional Norwegian motives in interiors, beautiful textiles around the house, fireplace. For some reason it always imagined a welcome winter home for experiencing cold weather.

Elegant house in Australia

This elegant home from Australian Studio Greg Natale Design – a good example of contemporary Australian design, where the revered traditions and always will be a place of modern trends. Luxury dark walls with white skirting boards provide an excellent contrast, it is refreshing interior. To add more and noble wooden floor, and you get a wonderful basis for future perfect house. All other items – furniture, decor, light is only a matter of technique. A great house!

Small stylish garden

Do not despair if your house is attached a small plot of land. Designers Australian landscape studios Secret Gardnes created such a wonderful private garden on a very limited territory for one of the city house in Sydney, managed to establish a compact pool. Turned out to be quite modern and very cozy.

The gentle interior in England

This day, I want something romantic, gentle.. Pictures of a beautiful old house in the countryside of England, the interior of which is decorated in light colours with light-red details, will be more than ever. But lives here an elderly couple Helen and Martin who purchased this nice cottage after retirement and developed it with love.

Stunning house on Ibiza

This stunning modern house in Ibiza was designed to help the owners to forget all the hectic and stress of the big city and is a perfect combination of residential space and the environment. From the beautiful nature of the island’s interior is separated only by glass walls, and the master bedroom has an exit to a private terrace with an area of 116 square meters Amazingly, many elements of the decor and furniture made of ecologically clean materials or recycled materials. Heavenly minimalism!

Reconstruction of a private ranch in Texas

When it’s the appropriate time, Susie decided to leave the loud Dallas and moved in recently acquired a quiet suburban ranch where she could be engaged in favourite business – to breed horses. Although place for horse-breeding was perfect, the old house, which was attached, was in a deplorable state. The hostess had to do a lot of work before the house found a desirable and comfortable look. Despite the fact that the house is located in Texas, no hint of cowboys here was not observed, but in the interior of the many beautiful tree in different forms. Great suburban housing!

The house dressed in white

The owners of this former farm is not far from Strasbourg decided to dress up your home for the holidays in a bright white color, in contrast to the more traditional red and green combination. As well as a spouse of head of family Patricia profession is interior decorators, from this ancient and more recently abandoned building new owners made one small but very cozy nest. This is the case when the details of pleasure.

Shades of gray in the interior of the house in Florida

Cool grey palette selected for the interior of this house provides shelter from the scorching sun of Florida. In the spacious living room with soft neutral shades balance bright light pouring in through the huge Windows. Dark grey walls in the dining room lend a touch of elegance and nobility, in combination with an elegant chair covers, chandelier and a fireplace. Even in such a delicate, airy bedroom there are shades of gray, but rather silver, and fabrics and textures reflect and scatter light. This interior, once again proves that grey does not have to be dull and boring!