Comfortable apartment design in cave

Israeli designers of the Studio Pitsu Kedem today our guests with an incredible apartment in the city of Tel Aviv, from a balcony that offers a super view. All the walls here are made of stone, and the furniture and decoration – on minimum, creates a unique sense of some cozy cave. Offer to take a virtual walk through the rooms of this extraordinary accommodations.

25 Hours Hotel Spectacle (Vienna)

25 Hours Hotels – unique network bright themed hotels throughout Europe that break stereotypes about contemporary hotels. For example, one of them – Spectacle Hotel in Vienna is completely devoted to circus art and everything that is connected with it. Images of clowns on the wall, circus outfits and various attributes as decor – this you just will never forget.

Wooden house design ideas

In the interior of this house, it was decided to preserve the atmosphere of a wooden hut, so the walls inside are not seen almost no decoration. You will not find here many expensive and elegant pieces of furniture and decor, the main motive here – a village spirit and its comfort. Pleasant viewing!

Dan Duchars – respectable interior and lifestyle photographer

Dan Duchars – respectable interior and lifestyle photographer, working in London last 12 years. His vast experience, attention to detail and complete dedication to create perfect pictures made him one of the most popular craftsmen in the city. Dan equally skilfully takes as private interiors, and songs in the open air. You are offered to see this below.

Spanish House for large family

This charming Spanish house is home to a large family, in which four children. So the interior was designed with the reference to closely wasn’t anyone. For example, the living room has 3 functional zones – couch by the fireplace for guests, a reading area with a library and a large table for meals as a family. Other rooms are beautiful and comfortable. Very soulful housing.

A holiday home in France

Why not to write about the beautiful French interior. Especially if it’s a simple, but incredibly tasty house, which is located on the island ARP in the West of France. By the way, we are dealing with renovated antique mansion, in which a young family has breathed new life and now carelessly spending there time, free from work. Personally I liked the dining room (light, with many intimate details, large window) and of course the bed in the loft. I hope you too will enjoy.

House by the sea in New Zealand

This house is for romantics. Everything is designed to enjoy the privacy and the unique nature of New Zealand is a wonderful, large terrace, glass walls, fireplace, well-groomed territory. And yet still, sandy beach is only 20 metres from the house! In my opinion, this modern idyll.

The house near lake in Alabama

From the abundance of light in the house at the heart becomes as well as in the interior as if all conditions are created for enjoying an excellent location. The family who lives in the cottage at the lake Martin Alabama, wanted to get a house where they could relax after a busy life in a bustling metropolis. They also wanted a lot of space to collect large company of friends or to meet with friends and distant relatives. All the whim of the customer has performed design Studio Tracery, and even more.