Remodeling and Renovation of the House in San Francisco

House in San Francisco is a big alteration-11This fine Victorian house, located in one of the historic neighborhoods of San Francisco, has recently experienced a large-scale alteration. Outside the house remained virtually untouched: designers preserved historical facade, replacing only the front door. But inside the house is completely changed: a lot of metal and glass, dominated by shades of white and grey complement the interior of bright color accents. The residential area is situated on three floors: the ground – living room and kitchen, on the second – a bedroom and a luxurious bathroom, and on the ground floor there is a study and a library, from there you can get to the back patio. In the mansion plenty of light thanks to the panoramic Windows and the correct colours. Designers have done their best – the house has retained its character and grace, and thus became a modern, stylish and functional.



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