Snow white house in London

The white house in London-25Unfortunately, until now, because of the stereotypical perception, many people associate white with hospital and afraid white furniture, walls, floors in the interior. With the purpose to destroy cliches and shortcuts enjoy the interiors of the white house in London, through the great high Windows which flows sunlight, making a cosy and air. Lounge absolutely does not create the impression of “sterile” cold interior with exquisite furniture and textile accessories. Admire the colours! Subtle shades of powder used in pillows, profitable highlighted in the picture on the wall and a stunning carpet with butterfly. The interiors are decorated with interesting design techniques that you can employ. In each room there is something to hold on to your eyes, the skin of a Zebra, bright chairs, pop-art furniture and objects of art. Premises gradually merge into each other, wonderful bathroom will not leave anyone indifferent. Simple plastered walls on the contrast vintage mirrors and charming chandelier. I hope many will change their attitude to the white color. White is, in any case, not a hospital, an opportunity to reveal dignity, to fill the interior of the bright accents and air, to call the joy and delight!



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