The lake house in Gloucestershire

The lake house in Gloucestershire-2Water cottage situated in Gloucestershire, UK. The location of the house simply fantastic – he hovers just above the water, and the view from the Windows creates the impression that you are on the deck of the ship. However, this arrangement has its disadvantages, in bad weather and strong wind, it is important that inside were comfortable and warm, and designers took care about it – many of soft tissues, candles, thick curtains on the Windows. Storm the house is cosy, quiet Harbor. Color gamma of the interior reiterates shades environment: grey, brown, blue – house and nature merge Items are worth paying special attention: mirror “apron” above the work surface cuisine, chandelier-horns, vintage bathroom on the legs, rocking chair, bright velvet sofa. But the most beautiful and spiritual place in the house is a terrace with panoramic view of the lake is the best place for relaxation.



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