Apartment of a young girl in Moscow,Russia: 26 pictures inside

Apartment of a young girl in Moscow-8Continue to discover new interesting projects and young designers working on the territory of our countries. This stylish, contemporary apartment with an area of 75 sq. m. is located in the residential complex “Kutuzovskaya Riviera” in environmentally friendly, surrounded by a green area of Moscow. The landlady was a young girl, the person of versatile interests, who travels a lot, he is fond of art and lives between St. Petersburg and Moscow. Dynamic way of life of its initiator dictate its terms to the organization of space of the apartment: it was to be comfortable, spacious, without a lot of corners and swing doors, with a spacious dressing room, convenient and concise kitchen, passing in the living area.
At the first meeting of the designer and the clientele were prioritized. For example, the hostess was extremely important that the bathroom was large in size, with a huge mirror and a wall of backlit onyx. As we can see from the photo, the dream came true. The abundance of paintings, sculptures and other decor items, brought from different places on earth that meant quite a neutral colour and texture of the walls. The apartment is still in the process of saturation of the details, so not all “trophy” objects found his place in it, but still ahead. The interior lives and replenished intimate details in a natural way, there is no random items.
As the designer recalled, by a happy coincidence them with the landlady tastes and preferences agreed completely. In the process of implementation not had any disagreements and disputes, all decisions came pretty quickly. Construction finished in the beginning of 2013
For reference: designer Sofia Khaleeva currently is one of the founders of the Internet shop decor for walls Roommy.ru in the depths of which is presented and its author’s works. This project is a direct continuation of its professional design education, which left its imprint on the activities related to the store. Experience designer gave the opportunity to study that will look perfect on the walls, and that can complement and decorate the interior.

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Teenage Girls Room Design Ideas

Very often it is really too complicated to choose the right handbag or jacket for your teenage girl, not to mention how to create the perfect teen girl room design. 

Most teenagers use to think they are adult enough to make important decisions by their own that is why it is worth to discuss the room decoration ideas with them at first.

Roughly, all the teen girls can be divided into two separate groups. One loves romantic tones and atmosphere, light colors and style.  The other will prefer restraint and boys’ design.

Stay focused on interests of your little girl when designing their own living space. Bring in the interior all the items and accessories that she will like. No matter what it is, pictures with movie heroes, Hello kitty muzzle, posters of rock bands or dogs photos, etc.  Any of these elements can be properly fit almost any decor.

The main point here is to choose the right core concept. Start with discussing design ideas for your teenage girl room with her and try to select the option that will suit both of you.

Below are beautiful teen girl bedroom ideas you need to take into account when designing the perfect sleep and study room space for your daughter.

Teen Girl Bedroom Furniture

The perfect choice for teen girl would be optimal multi-functional furniture that is can be easily transformed and moved, and what is most important does not occupy too much of room space area. To keep things in the bedroom simple, you can use shelving, through which it is possible to divide room space on zones. Girls used to fill up shelves with the most valuable items for them (boxes, vases, souvenirs, picture within etc.). But do not get the room too cluttered up with unnecessary racks, cabinets and other furniture elements, let it be fresh and airy.

High-quality interior room for a girl – is a firework of imagination and original and creative solutions, do not be afraid to experiment!

Maison stylish beds ideally can fit in the girl’s room interior design.


Beadboard bedroom

Beds in girls’ bedrooms are the main attribute. In this example we are presenting ideas on how to create a classic and comfortable look for teenage girl’s bed using beadboard paneling on each end.


Wall Letters

One of the most creative ideas for teen girl room could be decoration with walls letters, words and sentences, quotes of well-known people and celebrities.


Floral Bedroom Ideas

This beautiful décor idea is for romantic natures that, frankly speaking, most teens are. You can bring the country garden spirit into your room and emphasize your character by adding girl’s favorite flowers as the pattern image for wallpaper or combining and decorating the bedroom interior with real natural flowers. It is a big pleasure to sleep in such a floral bedroom and generally live, study, relax and get fun there. Have a look at the following pictures of floral teen girl bedroom ideas and get your perfect inspiration!


Mix &Match Bedding for Teen Girls

Mixing and matching your ideas can help you create your own custom design that reflects girls’ individual style and personality. Adding different, even opposite layers of patterns into bedding expands the horizons of bedroom interior design. Mix and match bedding from solids, stripes, prints and quilted elements.

Teen-Girl-Mix-Match-bedding-idea teen-girls-mix-match-bedding-idea2

Bunk Beds

In case you have tweens, supposing they love pillows throws and all this crazy things, you definitely will need to have bunk beds in the room space design; it will save space and bring the fun feeling to your daughters.

Modern Grey Girls Bunk Beds Vintage Metal Frame Desig

See below beautiful set of design ideas for your teen girl room: